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QuickCRM Mobile gives you access to SuiteCRM on your mobile, your tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android) or your laptop with QuickCRM native apps available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

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#4396 Cannot Login To QuickCRM App - We are facing below issues. Please guide us. ![1657616555498.JPEG]( dboila Closed Bug?
#4292 Login issues since moving to SSO - Hi there, since wqe moved to SSO a week ago, our quickcrm users can no longer login to quickcrm on t rickbyers Closed General Question
#4279 Validating License Key doesn't do anything. - I have signed up for your service, downloaded the zip file from my downloads page on SuiteCRM, insta Closed Bug?
#4127 Quick CRM - Sync Issues - Users have to manually sync every time they update/enter offline. The app does not auto sync when o jyot.kandolha Closed Bug?
#4073 Can’t login to QuickCRM - Hello, Upgraded to SuiteCrm 8.0.1. I can’t login to QuickCRM app. App throw this… Unexpected er fationmeraj Open Bug?
#3957 Quick CRM to SuiteCRM Syncing Issue - Hello, One of our user is updating records on Quick CRM. However the updates are not reflect on Sui jyot.kandolha Open Bug?
#3948 Project Tasks Status Bug - I noticed that there is a bug in the project tasks function for this app. In particular, when a proj admin28 In Progress Bug?
#3937 E-mail problem - I can't send an email from the app, below to communicate from the server [Fri Oct 29 09:20:00.40236 L&F Group Sp. z o.o. Open Bug?
#3919 Shipping address - Is it possible to have the shipping address show in the app? We use that as we respond to support ca scott7 Closed Feature
#3880 Campos en inglés sin traducir en el movil - Aparecen en el móvil algunos campos sin traducir al español gabriel1 Closed Bug?
#3818 Filter does not filter words with special characters - Hi, I try to filter an opportunity that contains special characters like åäö (characters used René Open Bug?
#3814 "Pull down" to refresh page - Hi, I'm using QuickCRM for making calls, but i use SuiteCRM to add/update contacts and phone numb René Open Feature
#3803 Back-button issue - Hi, The back-button should bring you back to a previous stage in the menu. case: 1) I call a René Closed Feature
#3786 no reconoce usuario, error inicio sesion - no reconoce usuario, error inicio sesion gabriel1 Closed Bug?
#3778 errror al iniciar sesion desde el movil - No se puede iniciar sesion desde el movil la URL es correcta el error.log muestra [05-Aug-2021 gabriel1 Open Bug?
#3723 Comma-delimited decimal values multiplied by 100 (with our without decimal separator) - When inputting **decimales values** like "12,34" (please do **note the COMMA as the decimal separato Ricardo Cairello Closed Bug?
#3718 log in problem - when trying to log in, he gets such a message Cannot load configuration (SyntaxError: Unexpected num L&F Group Sp. z o.o. Closed Installation
#3665 Error while trying to install and configure QuickCRM app for android - Hi QuickCRM Team, while installing and configuring server and client for an android version of yo subs Open Bug?
#3635 Problem for login with a user - hello I have installed in the my phone QuickCRM, If I login from my phone with a user credentials, I riccardomaffei Open Installation
#3613 Problem with PDF - Hello I have a problem with visualization of PDF files in Documents module. Some part of the file ar riccardomaffei Open Bug?
#3554 Installing free and paid version at the same time ? - Hello, I've already installed the free version of your module. Then i bought two licenses but do i chrichacha Open Installation
#3448 Calling a contact from QuickCRM adds // in front of the number in certain dialers - When calling a number from QickCRM, there is appended // in front of the number. This seems not to h René Open Bug?
#3303 calender / meetings not synced with suitecrm - couple of times recently when suitecrm and quickcrm mobile app are out of sync. meetings show on mo xelaneb Open Bug?
#3277 conection MOVIL error - i installed the addon with lincese but i cant conect with my instance. direccion Closed Installation
#3226 Undefined vardef for field - Hi, i install quickcrm in my instance, but now in error log write this when i try acces in my mobile direccion Open Installation
#3179 Do SuiteCRM Contacts sync to Google Contacts when QuickCRM is installed and properly configured? - A colleague needs to "get" (a copy of) all the contacts from his SuiteCRM installation into his cell Ricardo Cairello Open Feature
#3176 cancel quickcrm - please cancel my quickcrm installation there isnt a simple button i could find to cancel thank you manainvest Closed Installation
#3168 SuiteCRM - Admin - QuickCRM Mobile Full - License and Users - One of our clients using SuiteCRM are trying to move users from Unlicensed users section to Licensed jyot.kandolha Closed Bug?
#2980 Could not find the key. - I went to increase the number of users for an addon and got this message - "Could not find the key." Australia's Detailing Group Open General Question
#2917 Synchronization problem - good morning the version installed on the company phones (7.1.13) does not synchronize items such a Daniele Open Bug?
#2890 Mobile App not loading - I get an Undefined index: quickcrm_max error in the apache error.log when trying to open the app on tschmidt Closed Bug?
#2776 Cannot Login - Sun May 17 13:37:32 2020 [42920][-none-][ERROR] SoapHelperWebServices->checkSessionAndModuleAccess - twang1997 Open Bug?
#2581 Tasks will not save - Error = Save error. Please check server log. - Tasks will not save - Error = Save error. Please check server log. Please advise. jeff4 Open Bug?
#2463 Users Maximum for Trial - Hello, Can I change the # of users from 1 to 5 for the month-long trial period? Thanks! jradice Open Installation
#2429 URL Is Invalid - Hi There, I have successfully installed and validated the plugin on my SuiteCRM. But when I try t chitrodamahesh25 Open Bug?
#2400 Outgoing Calls Not Logged - Pixel 3, all updates done. a) Call logging worked when I first installed the app ... once. It hasn' verra Open Bug?
#2385 Can't create Audio Note - Installed QuickCRM today from the Android App Store. Google Pixel 3. Checked the app has all permis verra Open Bug?
#2375 Pricing - Is pricing set per user of the CRM or per user of the mobile application? cthomas Open General Question
#2333 Too many additional user license required - Dear customer support, we required by mistake too many additional user licences through the SuiteCR gmanara Closed Installation
#2318 Migrated suitecrm to new proxy'd container and mobile app won't connect, web interface is broken - I just migrated Suitecrm 7.11.8 to a new web-facing container (initially running it internally). I' pmclachlan Closed Bug?
#2295 QuickCRM What are your authentication and server IP addresses so we can Whitelist - QuickCRM What are your authentication and server IP addresses so we can Whitelist ldanthony Closed General Question
#2216 cross-site forgery error - I'm working from a trial subscription and am trying to evaluate the configuration for the mobile-to- FullArmor Closed Bug?
#2192 Incoming calls are not logged - Hi Team, I just took the trial and install app on android 9 phone, and on Suitecrm 7.11.8 version. lehin Open Feature
#2162 quickcrm app start up very slowly - hello quickcrm app start up very slowly,I have to wait a long time about 5 minute with blank, liussbbs Open Bug?
#2160 please sent me the latest Quick apk - hello: please sent me the latest Quick apk,I can't access google play store in my country,my e liussbbs Closed General Question
#2140 sending email with cc, bcc - Hi, we are evaluating QuickCRM and are quite content so far. We want to use the built-in CRM mail c soenkerichardsen Open Feature
#2036 Mobile version with Full SS version 6.1.2 - When placing a call the call is not created in the CRM. lodevlayen Closed Bug?
#2003 Missing Features? - I have installed the mobile module on my server and I have installed the app on my ipad. I am evalua KingInTheNorth Open General Question
#1978 opening a module shows blank page - When opening any of the modules (Accounts, Contacts, ...) a blank page is shown after a short blink lodevlayen Closed Bug?
#1952 Cancel subscription - How do I cancel my subscription? IdealIT Open General Question
#1918 Call & Contact relationship is not created - Hi, I call a contact from Quickcrm in my android phone, then quickcrm display form to create call softbless Open Bug?
#1898 plugin compatibility SuiteCRM 7.10.15 - Is the plugin compatible with suitecrm version 7.10.15? lluis Open General Question
#1843 Pasting In Emails - I have a question, but first let me say how much we love using the QuickCRM. We appreciated your co hmilby Open General Question
#1819 Dropdown Field not Updating - Hi Support, 1st - been using QuickCRM for a few months now and LOVE it, so thank you for a great davids Closed Bug?
#1758 Unable to UPDATE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Honestly. TRYING to give you people money. Having no luck. Chris Campanella Closed Bug?
#1740 Signature Field - Hi guys, I received requests from people trialing our latest module signature that was not compatib iDevIT Closed Feature
#1646 Archive Email doesn't send body text - With the 5.4.0 and Suite 7.10.11 I've sent an email from my iPhone. The message is delivered but the pvzijl Closed Bug?
#1623 Licensing/cost? - we have to licensing all users,or only the users needed this app? Thanks Michael Michael Closed General Question
#1564 Sent Emails Do Not Show Up In Email History Of Record - We can send an email in the app, but the email does not show up in the email history of that record. hmilby Closed Feature
#1559 HTML Code showing instead of formatted body fields - I'm trying to display the 'body' field in Knowledge Base in QuickCRM, but instead of showing the for davids Closed General Question
#1553 Image overwritten with the one from previous record - Hi, I think I found a bug with the handling of Photo fields. Luckily, it seems to be reproducible pgr Closed Bug?
#1500 Feature suggestion: photo fields from Camera - Hi. I just heard from a person I know who uses QuickCRM Pro that he would love to be able to add pho pgr Closed Feature
#1498 Minor bug: related records parent type - In the most recent QuickCRM Android 6.3.5 1. Open a Lead called "My Lead" 2. Click + to add a ne pgr Closed Bug?
#1402 Mobile App Not Loading - I installed the module without any problems in Suite. I added the user I want to have access, but wh rtrdigital Open Installation
#1243 Offline Access - Hi, I installed the app on my android phone and I am unable to access my crm when I am offline. tejasdesigner07 Open Feature
#1231 Map Search not working - Version 7.2.2 Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001) QuickCRM_Mobile_Full_SS_M_5.1.8 The search fu ricknoel Open Bug?
#1225 an unexpected error occured. Please check your configuration and permissions - I am trying to install and configure QuickCRM to run a trial and hopefully successfully integrated i ricknoel Closed Installation
#1181 SuiteCRM : Business Card Image -- Where does it map? - Im interested in having a way to have business cards scanned in while my team is away at trade shows pottcrm Open General Question
#1162 Disable menu "Create" (+) - Hi, is that possible to disable menu "create / + ) " in each module in quickcrm, excepting menu Ernest Open General Question
#1144 Old License can not be remove ( Changing License subcription ) - hi, i've just purchased trial for 30 days 1 license with annual subscription. before this time, we Ernest Closed Installation
#1141 Monthly Subscription Stop - Hi, NS-Team, By this support ticket, i would like to inform you, that i want to stop our monthly pande Closed General Question
#1134 QuickCRM breaks with the following error when RTGSync installed both will work when only one is installed. - **Enviroment:** PHP Version 7.0.30 FreeBSD 11.1 Apache 2.4 MariaDB 10.2.14 SuiteCRM 7.10.4 Ben Robinson Closed Bug?
#1133 Lead conversion and Sort order - I am facing couple of issues. 1. I don't see a way to convert lead to contact in QuickCRM. This is rahulner Open Bug?
#1083 Can't see custom fields on APP - Contacts section - Hi dear, I have created many custom fields to register customers in SuiteCrm, but i cant find the jcdlcc Open Bug?
#1056 Not taking my PayPal renewal Payment and letting me add another user - I had two licenses installed on my iPhone and my Sales Director's iphone (one each) and they worked ceichels Closed Bug?
#1005 Send emails is not working - Hello, I am trying to install emails in QuickCRM on my iPad and when I click Send Email it doesn´t crltraders Open Bug?
#1001 QuickCRM not taking my License Key - Hi, i have changed my server and my domain to a new one. After installing everything on the new serv crltraders Open Bug?
#873 Mobile updated, Is there a server update ? - I just received and update to the mobile app, question how do we know if we ever need to update the dennis.lebar Open Installation
#820 New case created from phone app - When creating a new case from the phone app I cannot find a way to attach a contact to a case. The dennis.lebar Open Bug?
#802 Installation issue - My installation was stuck at 17%. In the display log, it said "Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/1 cchang Open Installation
#753 Cannot edit or create custom module - Hi there I have a custom module that I need to use with QuickCRM I have added it to the QuickCRM t Open Bug?
#698 Quick CRM - Hello NS-Team, i already bought license for my suitecrm, and i have another add on module call " pande Open Feature
#671 Already Purchased - Hello, I already bought this add on, and i have a little questions below : 1. did have to rein pande Open Installation
#535 Remote error - when authenticating the CRM is giving me this error: The remote server returned an error: (500) haldarondo Open Installation
#515 VIEWS CONFIGURATION does not work - Hello, VIEWS CONFIGURATION does not work. ![VIEWSCONFIGURATION.png]( hugopurmer Open Bug?
#514 No " more information " tab - Hello, I can't see the More Information Tab in the app, and also the custom made fields in a modu hugopurmer Open General Question
#464 Pricing Per User - Is the pricing per user all users with access to crm, or users using the mobile app? We have a consi stephentew Open General Question
#455 Installation error.... - When I installed this on Version 7.7.8 Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509), I received the following er info23 Open Bug?
#45 quickcrm - I installed quickcrm in suitecrm 7.5.3. The install went OK, used the license key, the user and so f pvandam Open Installation
#5 Configuration problem in quick crm - Hi i want to use mobile app Quick crm so subscribed for trial today for 10 users and trying to cbpaneri Open Bug?
  • "After a couple of quick changes to permissions, and support prompted cache clear, everything works as promised." - rtrdigital

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