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#3448 - Calling a contact from QuickCRM adds // in front of the number in certain dialers

Open Bug? created by René Verified Purchase a year ago

When calling a number from QickCRM, there is appended // in front of the number. This seems not to happen with the default Google-dialer, but with any other dialer. Probably the google dialer is sanitizing the string before giving the number a try. This happens when using eg. ecDialer and MobileVOIP

  1. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    a year ago


    Thank you for your feedback. We will check that and hopefully will find a way to fix that in next version planned for next week.

    • bluquet member avatar

      NS-Team Provider Affiliate

      a year ago


      A new version was published yesterday on Google Play. Can you please check that the problem is fixed?

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