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#1056 - Not taking my PayPal renewal Payment and letting me add another user

Closed Bug? created by ceichels Verified Purchase 5 years ago

I had two licenses installed on my iPhone and my Sales Director's iphone (one each) and they worked fine. But when I tried to add a third instance it suddenly says my trial expired (this was not on a trial anymore long time ago) and I can't seem to add the third instance for my sales rep. Also, SuiteCRM shows -2 and it won't let me add the third person. When I look in Paypal it says there was a new regular recurring payment set up for 3 licenses but it doesn't show that any money actually transferred. Maybe it's back in temporary trial mode. Not sure. Meanwhile, the two original licenses are actually still working on our phones but can't get my rep to get his third license to work.

  1. jason member avatar


    5 years ago


    I'm working on this one right now and will let you know when everything is good to try again. Should be within a couple of hours.

    Thanks, Jason Eggers The SuiteCRM Store

  2. jason member avatar


    5 years ago

    Your renewal is all set now. You may need to revalidate the existing license key, but after that you are all set for 3 users.

    Thanks! Jason Eggers The SuiteCRM Store

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