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#1133 - Lead conversion and Sort order

Open Bug? created by rahulner 4 years ago

I am facing couple of issues. 1. I don't see a way to convert lead to contact in QuickCRM. This is really needed for my usage. 2. Also once opportunity is created, not able to link it to lead. I have added lead into sub panel, but somehow its not coming. 3. In general options, sort order, I have set it and it works. But if we close app(restart phone), these sort settings are lost and it goes by default.

Please suggest.

  1. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago


    1) I'm surprised. You can convert a Lead to an Account, a Contact and an Opportunity from the menu in the Lead Detail view.

    2) You are right. We never noticed that. I will check.

    3) The default sort order is mainly used for Subpanels or as a default when you clear current search. Now, in the list view, the last search is memorized, as it is with SuiteCRM on the desktop, so last sort order is used too. If you go to the search panel and change sort order, it should be memorized then.

    • rahulner member avatar


      4 years ago

      1. see attached image. This is what I see in lead details view. Am I missing something here?
      2. ok, thanks.
      3. ok, will try this.
  2. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    I can't see any attached image. Could you send it by email at Thanks

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