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#1231 - Map Search not working

Open Bug? created by ricknoel 4 years ago

Version 7.2.2 Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001) QuickCRM_Mobile_Full_SS_M_5.1.8

The search functionality for Maps does not work on either the mobile we app or the Android app. When I run the mobile web app, I get the following error in the Google Chrome developer console:

Geocoding Service: This API project is not authorized to use this API. For more information on authentication and Google Maps Javascript API services please see: _.Ib @ js?v=3&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps&key=AIzaSyBWa2TJ_7zL0VKMOKSh8ToSBkuIozlLrEI:42

I have my own API key which has been tested and is in use by the CRMSuite to gecode locations, but not sure where to plug the key in for the mobile page/app.

  1. ricknoel member avatar


    4 years ago

    Any ideas on this one? Maps will be a key feature for our company and will influence our decision to purchase QuickCRM after the trial period and/or recommend to others. Please help me fix this. I do have a valid API key, just need to know where to plug it into QuickCRM. Thanks!

  2. ricknoel member avatar


    4 years ago


  3. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago


    Sorry for my late answer. We have been investigating that. There was an easy solution for SuiteCRM 7.8 and higher, but it cannot automatic in lower versions.

    We have published a new version (5.2.0) of the server module on the Store. Can you please : - Download it from the "Purchases" page - Install it in your SuiteCRM with Module Loader - Edit config_override.php and add: $sugar_config['google_maps_api_key'] = 'YOUR_GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY'; - run QuickCRM Update from the admin page

    This should solve the issue with the Web access.

    Regarding the Android app, we are not able to reproduce that problem. Can you explain what happens? Is that the same issue with geolocation? Would it be possible to get a temporary access to your CRM so that we can understand/debug that? (if you agree, please send URL and credentials to

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