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#2890 - Mobile App not loading

Closed Bug? created by tschmidt Verified Purchase 2 years ago

I get an Undefined index: quickcrm_max error in the apache error.log when trying to open the app on my iPhone. The app is not showing any error on loading. It shows ... Loading ... Language files ... Fields and Views

and than keeps showing the loading icon.

  1. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago


    Can you please tell me which version of our module you are using?

  2. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    The undefined index is a notice. It should not prevent opening the app. (yet, we will take care of that in next version). So, there must be another problem. It might just be a performance issue where your server is taking too long to respond. Would you agree to let us reproduce that and give us a temporary login? (in that case, please send us credentials at

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