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#1819 - Dropdown Field not Updating

Closed Bug? created by davids 3 years ago

Hi Support,

1st - been using QuickCRM for a few months now and LOVE it, so thank you for a great product. 2nd - I've updated the selectable information in a dropdown select field in contacts and the desktop has refreshed, but QuickCRM still shows the old selectable items.

Things I've tried: 1. Quick Repair 2. Cleared QuickCRM Cache & Restarted on Mobile 3. Rebuild all the Java and JS options in Repair in Administration under SuiteCRM

Please let me know what I've not done that needs to be done?

  1. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago


    Whenever you modify something in Studio or Dropdown editor for fields displayed in the app, you need to run QuickCRM Update from the admin page. After that, all users will get the updated values when they next open the app.

  2. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    ... and thanks a lot for your nice comments.

  3. davids member avatar


    3 years ago

    Figured it would be something silly that I didn't do! Worked like a charm! Thank you for the speedy response!

    • bluquet member avatar

      NS-Team Provider Affiliate

      3 years ago

      Thanks. We are doing it that way as: - There is no way to implement a hook in QuickRepair to update QuickCRM configurations automatically - If you have a lot of users, you don't want to worry about each of them clearing a cache in the app.

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