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#2140 - sending email with cc, bcc

Open Feature created by soenkerichardsen 3 years ago

Hi, we are evaluating QuickCRM and are quite content so far. We want to use the built-in CRM mail client, as the external (android, iOS) mail client won't have access to the mail addresses within the crm (we don't want to export them all to the address book...).

But we have one issue with email: We miss is the possibility to select email addresses for the cc and bcc fields from a list (or search field), the only way I can enter them is to type them by hand. The CRM has all the addresses at my fingertips but I can't use them in this case?!

As this is an important feature for us to ease the workflow, do you have some model of co-financing new features?

Thanks in advance and regards, Soenke Richardsen

  1. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago


    Yes, we have models for co-financing. Some features of QuickCRM have already been co-financed by our customers. Our manager will get back to you about that by private email. Before that, we have to check SuiteCRM APIs. I'm not sure it allows searching emails. Then, we would have to build a new API for that. I will get back to you (and probably will have some questions).

    Best regards.

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