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#3179 - Do SuiteCRM Contacts sync to Google Contacts when QuickCRM is installed and properly configured?

Open Feature created by Ricardo Cairello a year ago

A colleague needs to "get" (a copy of) all the contacts from his SuiteCRM installation into his cellphone´s contact list, so he can call them without even accessing the QuickCRM app.

Is it possible for "Contact Sync" to work this way? That is: SuiteCRM´s contacts just "show up" as regular contacts in the cellphone´s contact listing?

Would that sync process be fully automatic, or I would require some kind of "click to sync" button from the app? The idea is that the app would be "transparent" to him, if at all possible, ok?

All other modules will be set to "Sync: none", ok?

Thanks in Advance !

  1. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    a year ago


    The only thing you can do currently is to copy a contact from the CRM to the device Address book. You have a Copy to Address book menu or button in the contacts detail view of the app.

    • rcairello member avatar

      Ricardo Cairello

      a year ago

      Thanks! So there is NO "auto-sync" (or one-way "auto-copy") of Contacts from SuiteCRM towards the App, is that correct?


  2. bluquet member avatar

    NS-Team Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    That is correct. - A lot of users have thousands of contacts in their CRM and wouldn't want all of them to be in their Address book. - We never had this request and never thought it could be useful - The other way around, you can copy a contact from the device Address book to the CRM, so you can have all the contacts you need in one place (the app). - The other advantage is that, when you call a contact, the call is logged in the CRM.

    • VadimSh member avatar


      a year ago

      And how QuickCRM responds to incoming calls? - Is there a pop-up window with information about the phone number - Is the number new or existing? - The ability to record an incoming call?

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