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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2421 Unable to licence user during installation Ver 7.10.22 - This product would not install on the original suitecrm version we were running - 7.8.8. We upgrad ohmdrop Closed Installation
#2312 Problem "Customer_id not found" - I have a problem enabling the mobile application. I put the username and password and I get the mess Cristian_Mora Closed Installation
#2284 Preview of the Followup list in SuiteCRM - Hi in suiteCRM in the preview of the Followups module there is an error in that a normal user with Admus Closed Bug?
#2283 Hide inactive employees - Hi All active and inactive employees are displayed in the TapCRM application, how to hide inactive Admus Closed Feature
#2267 Call integration - Does this log phone calls from my iPhone using VOIP or Twilio? SV_Engineer Closed Feature
#2266 installation fails on 2. File Folder Exists and permissions - TapCRM : Installation Wizard System Configuration License Validation Module Configuration Layout Harvey Closed Installation
#2191 Calls are not logged - Hi Team, I just took the trail and install tapcrm on android 9 phone, and on suitecrm 7.11.8 versio lehin Closed Bug?
#2161 I can't validate my tapcrm License Key - hello I can't validate my tapcrm License Key,what's the problem! liussbbs Closed Bug?
#2137 custom filter problem under iOS - We are evaluating TapCRM. We found a problem with predefined custom filters under iOS: clicking a p soenkerichardsen Closed Bug?
#2136 offline problems - We are evaluation TapCRM. One important requirement is offline functionality. Testing the app sho soenkerichardsen Closed Bug?
#2135 Mobile Layout Setting and custom fields - we are evaluating TapCRM Client. We created several custom fields. Using the "Mobile Layout Se soenkerichardsen Closed Bug?
#2134 Warning: Your CRM is out of date - Every time I log in this warning appears, despite the fact that we use the latest LTS "7.10.18& soenkerichardsen Closed Bug?
#2095 Calls are not getting saved on Android phone - Calls made are not saved on the crm. m.cianchi Closed Bug?
#2093 Calls are not getting saved - Hi Team, I just took the trail and installed tapcrm on apple phone, and on suitecrm 7.7.6 version , deeksha.shetty Closed Bug?
#1997 My Crm is not up to date? - I would like to know how to fix this message, some modules doesn’t work? Thanks maximiliangatica Closed General Question
#1930 App language - Dear Support, even if I have selected Italian as language in Settings tab, the app is still in Engl info68 Closed Feature
#1929 From test to production environment - Dear Support, we are trying the module in a development/test environment. When we will go in prod info68 Closed Installation
#1805 activity stream not showing all Opportunities - when looking on the website i see many opportunaties on the activity stream that are missing on the atech Closed Bug?
#1804 opportunaty custom date field - I have a custom date field in Opportunities. when i use it in a quick filter, example. by next 7 day atech Closed Bug?
#1776 ailure Customer_id not found" appear - Hi After installing everything per guide, at the moment I try to login for the first time I get t ensonbarker Closed General Question
#1695 Custom Filter - Hello I would like to create a custom filter to filter my oppurtunities by sales stage. So that I maarten Closed Feature
#1670 install failure on windows with sql server - Thu Jan 3 05:52:53 2019 [2752][1][FATAL] Query Failed: SELECT reminders.* , jt0.user_name modifi ionelmoisuc Closed Installation
#1660 "File Folder Exists and Permission" is Wrong - Hello, our company ran into a system configuration problem during installation. We were prompted to ucgglobal Closed Installation
#1621 Licensing/cost? - we have to licensing all users,or only the users needed this app? Thanks Michael Michael Closed General Question
#1595 TapCRM Offline mode problem - Hi, i'm not able to create a new prospect in in Offline mode (no internet connextion and no connexi ITStaff Closed Bug?
#1594 TapCRM checks in module access in SuiteCRM - Hi, i'm not able to open Checks IN module in Suite CRM. This is the error message : There was an e ITStaff Closed Bug?
#1593 Installation Fail at 17% - Installation stops at 17% with the following error: Display Log Failed to copy cache/upgrades/t siroumidaniel Closed Installation
#1591 Setting Language TapCRM mobile - Hi, i changed the language setting in the TapCRM mobile form english to French. I restarted the app ITStaff Closed Bug?
#1587 TapCRM check in Alert - Hi, the check in function for a task return this Alert message : Teh server encountered an unexpext ITStaff Closed Bug?
#1586 TapCRM does not fill GPS coordinates in SuiteCRM - Hello, did TapCRM is able to fill the correct GPS data in SuiteCRM? The fields Longitude and Latit ITStaff Closed Bug?
#1575 TapCRM installation wizard error step 1 - Hi, i'm trying to install TapCRM but the installation wizrd returned 2 configuration errors : 1- ITStaff Closed Installation
#1542 Blank Screen - Install and I get a blank screen. lrye Closed Bug?
#1492 SuiteCRM - I have installed TapCRM but it breaks my SuiteCRM. When enabled I cant create any entries from eithe arjun Closed Bug?
#1455 At Login Error Message "Failure Customer_id not found" appears - Please help... Did a server restart and post that our users get the following message At Logi seanfdo Closed Bug?
#1450 Module error - Installation hangs at Diagnostics: _ 2. File Folder Exists and Permission:* _ Cannot view erro raj Closed Installation
#1423 failure there is no error definition for invalid_Call - when I open app I get this message its annoying the message is **failure** there is no error d adam82leon Closed Bug?
#1412 After 30 day demo - validate key no longer is able to validate - After initial 30 day trial ended, purchased 10 seats, but unable to validate the key. It it attempt davids Closed Bug?
#1370 Install Hangs at 11% - Install hangs at 11%. jrbogard Closed Installation
#1348 Installation Issues - I get "Domain already exist! Please try with another domain." We had a previous trial per lrye Closed Bug?
#1334 Cannot Install Package - stops at 17% - Hi, My installation stops at 17%... I get the following error ![Error_Capture.JPG](https://store. seanfdo Closed Installation
#1246 Expectations - is tapvcrm able to capture inbound calls as an activity and calls not dialed through the app?? tmartin Closed Feature
#1129 Issues after installation on 7.10.4 - Hi, I purchased TapCRM but its not working. 1. I have suiteCRM 7.10.4. Is it not supported? 2. rahulner Closed Bug?
#1106 Mobile layout setting - Anytime I try to make change on any module uner Edit view or Detail view the page just spins. List v dnunes Closed Bug?
#1073 Pointing at wrong url - Hello, My Tapcrm installation worked the other day but I now receive an error stating problem com keithvo Closed Installation
#969 Connection problem - Hello, I installed the module and entered the licence key. In the configuration check page all is osusset Closed Bug?
#285 Is the related history viewable on a record? - Hi team, We just received a great question on chat. When viewing an account or contact can you se Jason Closed General Question
#284 suitemob pro server is not responding - Hi, I bought Suitemob-pro for 1 user for 1 month today. I already installed packet into suitecrm s beni7574 Closed General Question
#212 server is not responding try again - works on pc installation went fine url: info9 Closed Installation
#210 server is not responding try again - works on pc installation went fine url: info9 Closed Installation