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#1586 - TapCRM does not fill GPS coordinates in SuiteCRM

Closed Bug? created by ITStaff a year ago

did TapCRM is able to fill the correct GPS data in SuiteCRM?
The fields Longitude and Latitude are empty after Synchronisation.

Thank you

  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider

    a year ago

    Hello Hedi,

    Thanks for contacting us again!

    Yes, from the TapCRM, you can fill the correct GPS data in SuiteCRM. But for that, you have to follow the below steps:-

    1) First, You have to generate google map API key from here:

    2) After that, you have to activate your billing account from here. Simply click on the Get Started link and activate your account.

    3) After activating the account, you have to enable API key from here. Click on view all API. Then click on Maps Javascript API and Click on Enable button.

    4) Then Go to the Credentials tab and create new credentials. After creating credentials google will provide API key for your account.

    5) Copy this API key and put it in your SuiteCRM -> Admin -> Google Maps Setting -> Google API key and save the settings.

    This you have to do because Google has changed their map API key for free to paid before 5 months. If you still face the issue for generating the google map API key the feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you!

    And you have to replace the attached file with the given file path: **custom/modules/setupMobLogic.php **

    Please download the file from here:

    You can write back to us to our mail id

    Hope this helps! Let us know in case of any query!

    Kind Regards,

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