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#1575 - TapCRM installation wizard error step 1

Closed Installation created by ITStaff a year ago

Hi, i'm trying to install TapCRM but the installation wizrd returned 2 configuration errors :

1- Your site url does not match with your browser url. Please check the site url in config file.
Site url in config file is:
Go to config.php file and change this site url to your browser url.
2- Please provide permission to the below file or folder.
Please give 755 permission to this file or folder.


The IP address was changed in the config. php and permissions were added to those folders. But, i still have the same errors. I uninstalled it and installed it again. Nothing changed.


  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider

    a year ago

    Hi Dear,

    Thank you for contacting Appjetty.

    In order to troubleshoot the issue, can you share FTP access and Admin credentials of your CRM instance?

    Or else we can schedule the TeamViewer session to resolve this issue. Kindly let us know your thoughts.

    We have approached you via email as well. Thus please share the details with on the email. You can message us on Skype at support.biztech

    Look forward to receiving an email from you.

    Appjetty Team.

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