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#1246 - Expectations

Closed Feature created by tmartin 2 years ago

is tapvcrm able to capture inbound calls as an activity and calls not dialed through the app??

  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider

    2 years ago

    Hi Martin,

    Greetings from Appjetty Team.

    In response to your query, Yes, we are providing inbound and outbound call logging as a Call Activity, after call completion (received call), App will auto search in Contact and Lead, if they found the user can relate (by two clicks only) with that, else the user will add a new contact or lead and release that.

    Points to note:
    1) Only Android Application provides call logging, iOS itself doesn't support it.
    2) Call login works on phone number field of both modules.
    3) We are planning in-build call history manager with a well-managed view, from where the user can relate call later on also.
    4) Current Android Mobile App support call login on Marshmellow and lower version.

    Feel free to approach us on for any assistance with the App.

    Hope this helps.


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