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#1423 - failure there is no error definition for invalid_Call

Closed Bug? created by adam82leon a year ago

when I open app I get this message its annoying the message is

there is no error definition for invalid_Call

  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider

    a year ago

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for addressing your query.

    It seems you are using the updated App in the mobile but their CRM side package is old. We have recently released the version 2.1.0 on the Suite Store.

    Kindly download the latest released plugin zip file from your order:
    Follow the below steps:
    1) Go to your order page.
    2) Download the latest Zip file from your order section.
    3) To start with the re-installation, Log-in as Administrator into SuiteCRM.
    4) Navigate to the Administration page and click on ‘Module Loader’ to install the package.
    5) As you have already installed the TapCRM plugin, you may first have to uninstall the existing TapCRM plugin from the system. Click on the Uninstall button beside the TapCRM in the Installed Plugin section. If you want to keep your existing configurations (Layout setup, Module access on the mobile app, etc..) then select the "Do Not Remove Tables" option during the Uninstall process.
    6) After Successful Uninstallation please click on Delete Package button beside the TapCRM plugin the module loader page.
    7) Browse the new zip file ( and click on ‘Upload’ button under the Module Loader screen. After uploading the package, click on the ‘Install’ button to install the package.
    8) Click on ‘Commit’ button to finish the installation. After successful installation, you can see ‘TapCRM’ Plug-in in the Installed plug-in list on Module Loader page.
    9) Please do repair and rebuilt the CRM system after this installation. In case, you found any SQL query at the end of the repair page then please execute it.

    Hope this helps! Feel free to write back in case of any query!


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