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#1930 - App language

Closed Feature created by info68 9 months ago

Dear Support,
even if I have selected Italian as language in Settings tab, the app is still in English. Is it the normal behaviour?

Thanks and regards

  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider

    9 months ago

    Dear Dario,

    Greetings from AppJetty Support.

    Please find our comments attached to your concern:

    • When we will go in production, is it enough to re-install the same zip file?

    [AppJetty]: Yes, You can re-install the same zip file in your production instance as well, by following the same installation procedure.

    • Even if I have selected Italian as a language in the Settings tab, the app is still in English. Is it normal behavior?

    [AppJetty]: There is a way to translate the App to the Italian language. Please follow the below steps for the same:

    Step 1: Go to Admin->Dropdown Editor of your CRM instance.
    Step 2: Find mob_app_list_dom and open it.
    Step 3: Change language to Italian and enter each and every label to the Italian language.
    Step 4: Save all Labels.

    Also, we have share an update with you over an email.

    Hope this helps! Let us know in case of any concern.

    Have nice weekend ahead!

    Kind Regards,

  2. info68 member avatar


    8 months ago

    Dear Support,
    I tried to follow the steps above changing some labels for test, however I don't see any change in the app.


    Please advice

    Thanks and Regards

    • Biztech member avatar

      AppJetty Provider

      8 months ago

      Dear Dario,

      Thank you for the response!

      After changing the labels from the CRM side you need to re-login from the TapCRM App. Then you will get the label changed in the App.

      If the issue still persists, then we can schedule the screen sharing session or you can also share the CRM admin credentials so that we can check and can update you with the solution.

      You can reach us out over an email @, Also one of our representative has tried to connect with you.

      Hope this helps! Looking forward to reading from you.

      Kind Regards,

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