Dynamic Reports and Interactive Charts. A powerful tool for SuiteCRM report creation and data analytics. Includes a variety of chart types, detailed, summary and pivot tables. This Reporting Tool is very user-friendly, no need for technical knowledge or SQL. The Sapiens.BI tool comes with over 100 pre-built reports that are ready to be used on day one.

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#4391 Error - I have purchased Sapiens.BI Basic after installing, i am getting below mentioned error. Error: File Closed Bug?
#4364 8.1.0 support - I see that this is compatible with up to 8.0.3, do you know if it will also support 8.1.0? jkortus1234 Open General Question
#4005 Font installation failed - "modules/AnalyticReporting" has been changed to 775 joetcw Closed Bug?
#3542 Upgrade to Basic? - Hi, we've had Analytic Reporting Tool (AR_3.0.4_basic_onpremise_suite_default) for around a year and gjones Closed General Question
#2981 Font downloading failed - hello, i am having the same issue as another user reported, with error "Font downloading failed. Ple buchhaltung1 Closed Bug?
#2973 Is that possible to create "report on records with no activities" with this addon - Is that possible to create "report on records with no activities" with this addon kidz Closed General Question
#2898 Issues uninstalling the Feature - Hi, when i try to uninstall the feature i get some issues with my installation. e.g. I can't acce kaikeune Closed Installation
#2831 Is it possible to filter by related module for multiple values? - Hi. We would like to know if it is possible for a related module to filter by various options, inste AIE Closed General Question
#2812 Font downloading failed - hello, i am having the same issue as another user reported, with error "Font downloading failed. Ple giacomoparravicini Closed Bug?
#2772 Only seeing "ID" and not the "Name" of related field for Opportunities report - On Opportunities we have a custom "Relate" field called "Course Name" that relates to the "AOS_Produ AIE Closed Bug?
#2713 problems with aggregation - When I attempt to add fields for aggregation (any function, count, sum, etc) then press preview all alanjohnson Closed Bug?
#2711 font downloading issue - hello, i am having the same issue as another user reported, with error "Font downloading failed. Ple alanjohnson Closed Installation
#2626 Need some help to evaluate further - Hi, I'm currently evaluating ART Basic for our reporting needs. The main modules we use are Contacts gjones Closed Bug?
#2607 Report Builder and related Custom modules - Hi, I'm currently evaluating ART Basic for our reporting needs. The main modules we use are Contacts gjones Closed General Question
#2541 Dashlet to show table not chart - Hi, I am able to add charts as Dashlets but I cannot find any way to add the actual report table Discovery-Dave Closed Feature
#2434 translation of month names and abbreviation - Hi all. Can please make the moth names and abbreviation translate able. i found these hardcoded i robertlehner In Progress Bug?
#2363 values of related Module are not displayed - Hi. I've a custom module named TEST which has a m:1 relationship to opportunities. (One opportunity robertlehner Closed Bug?
#2346 Send report by email not working - Hi, I've scheduled a report, but no emails received. ![bug.jpg]( IT Dept B Closed Bug?
#2323 Totals on PDF Report - Please note that the totals are not included in any PDF reports that are sent via the scheduler. leon Closed Bug?
#2316 Event Reports - Hi, we are using the basic reporting tool and need to create a report on Events but there is no such leon Closed Feature
#2255 Unable to create reports based on time - Hello guys; I´ve been trying to create reports based on opportunities module in order to verify amedina2610 Closed Bug?
#1931 Analytic Reporting Tool Basic vs Analytic Reporting Tool PRO - Hi! Please, we can to say me: What is the difference between Analytic Reporting Tool Basic and Analy JannelysNoguera Closed General Question
#1910 Creating SQL Queries - Is it possible to user your tool in a very primitive way such that we can write our own SQL queries itregister Closed General Question
#1828 Help - I just need help with making different reports. intrepidsourcing Closed General Question
#1705 Sharing a report overrides suitecrm deny permissions and user can access entire module and reports - Hi, During our testing we found that if a report is shared to a user (as view only) and this user OPDS Closed Bug?
#1508 Cannot Add Report to Dashlet - Hi, When i add the report graph to the dashlet, it simply stays empty and never loads. I am worki leon Closed Bug?
#1440 Can not change funnel order - We want our funnel reports to show in order of sales stage, the only option is to show in order of v robfischer Closed Bug?
#1438 Email addresses not showing in reports - I am trying to create reports to extract email adddresses for leads and contacts, for some reason Em robfischer Closed Bug?
#1437 xlsx export fails - I am trying to export reports to xlsx and it is not working. Printing also does not work, it on robfischer Closed Bug?
#1403 Exporting to xlsx fails. - Using Analytics Basic, I download a report to xlsx and get the following error when loading Excel, " Grace Christian University Closed Bug?
#1228 Not able to generate reports on custom modules - Hello Team, I have installed Analytic Reporting Tool Basic on our development SuiteCRM instance. AS Dev Closed Bug?
#1170 Is there an FAQ or docs somewhere regading how "Add to Common Filters" is used? - I don't see anything on the docs or else where describing the point of the checkbox next to filters. stephen Closed General Question
#1117 Graphics reports to Principal Dashboard - Hi Guys; I´d like to know if possible to insert in my principal dashboard graphics from reports amedina2610 Closed General Question
#1110 Security Group wise access - Hello I want to share reports and accessibility based on security groups i created, right now i can Maharshi Closed Bug?
#1091 Comparison between Basic and PRO Versions - Do you have a document or page comparing the basic and pro versions? Can both version co-exist on th Grace Christian University Closed General Question
#1089 Downloading PDF Fonts Fails - Version 1.7.37 - Getting the following error after trying to install PDF fonts, "Font downloading fa Grace Christian University Closed Bug?
#1085 Report builder not saving reports - Hello, I've just setup the Analytic Reporting Tool (Basic) on my self-hosted SuiteCRM Community E amohit Closed Bug?
#1075 Does the tool support custom SQL - We have several SQL queries we want to save and run on-demand. I looked at the documentation and did itregister Closed General Question
#1044 Problems with SuiteCRM Version 7.9.7 - If I try to create a Report from Opportunity module with results sorted by amount and show only top BoXBo Closed Bug?
#1039 Export Excel Problematic - Hi, trying to export in xls here is the error message: "Il se peut que la page Web à l'adre crmsdsdatamark Closed Bug?
#1013 Does not work - Developer has stopped communicating. Module was loaded on a new server with no mods and still does n dah Closed Bug?
#938 New install of Analytic Reporting - After install the module does not show in any menu yet license validation was successful. The Suitec dah Closed Installation
#849 cascading filters - is it possible to achieve cascaded filtering / dependent dropdown ex : country > state on selec kktafe Closed General Question
#758 Custom dropdown list in report - Hello! I try to make a report based on Opportunities module. One filed in my report is a custom Dro Yaroslav Reznik Closed Bug?
#748 Deleted opportunities are still displayed in reports - Hello! I delete an opportunity using SuiteCRM interface and after that I can still see my deleted o Yaroslav Reznik Closed Bug?
#740 order 217 : Analytic Reporting Tool Basic - HEllo, i tried to update x times the payment Information in order to use the module again. the markusweiler Closed General Question
#672 Already Purchased - Hello, I already bought this add on, and i have a little questions below : 1. did have to rei pande Closed Installation
#587 Unused Report - I couldn't modified "Unused report", i.e: Invoices. is there any solution? pande Closed Feature
#572 share report to other user - Hi, i wanna ask how about to share report to other user ? i try to add permission share at the Ana pande Closed Feature
#566 Regarding Email Issue - Hai Support, We had a strange issue with email on analytical reporting. With every module we can vinothbsetec Closed Bug?
#565 Error after installing Analytic Reporting Tool Basic - after installing i have a notice like this : Error AR-Report : Warning: Declaration of ZZZZZZZZ pande Closed Installation
#546 unable to get some tables in analytic reporting module - We are unable to get some tables like call_leads and meeting_leads table in analytic reporting modul vinothbsetec Closed Bug?
#505 Font downloading failed - I installed "Analytic Report Tool Basic" module in my SuiteCRM (v7.7.9). After install, the module p lawrencekh Closed Bug?
#415 Error in join condition with custom related field - Hi, I'm tryng the basic version (trial period began yesterday), but I found an error in query genera matteodaru Closed Bug?
#397 Opportunities / Quotes Report - Hello, i am trying to create a report that needs data from the Opportunities and Quotes module. I daniel Closed General Question
#307 Report Level access restrictions - Hi, I'm currently a SuitCRM user. The issue we currently face with the default reporting module minusha Closed Feature
#296 formatting issue with Funnel Chart - I'm using Analytic Reporting Basic, SuiteCRM version 7.7.9. I'm not able to create a funnel chart kruter Closed Bug?
#288 Mass schedule & permissions not functioning - Hello, when i use Mass schedule & permissions to change permissions nothing is changing. Single c daniel Closed Bug?
#193 cron gives an error - After installing the plugin, our cron gives an error. This is the error: PHP Warning: Declaratio schol Closed Bug?
#188 not able to open the tool after installation - Hi, Can you check my installation remotely? The module got installed but not able to Open the tool o govind17 Closed Installation
#176 Filter with "between" and datetimecombo-field not working correctly - Hello, I'm trying to create a filter on a datetimecombo field with "between" but it's not working BoXBo Closed Bug?
#140 Changing URL - Hello, I have bought analytic reporting tool for "my_url/abc" and install it successfully. I disa raees Closed Installation
#137 How to show related emails to a contact? - Dear ITSapiens Team I was setup a report to display some contacts, but was unable to display at l BoXBo Closed General Question
#136 Boolean types are not visible in reports - Hello ITSapiens I've created several custom fields of type boolean. If I'm adding them to the rep BoXBo Closed Bug?
#125 Download fonts for PDF - Hi, I install successfully tool basic trial and when I open the first time the module, a pop up sug injenia Closed Installation
#121 Tool basic + PRO - Dear ITSapiens Team, my question is very simple: is it possible to purchase Analytic Reporting Too Moris Closed General Question
#117 New Analytic Reporting - Hello, what is the latest version number and where can i download it? The latest version I h daniel Closed Installation
#108 How to setup/enable scheduled reports - I've tried to setup a scheduled report according the manual. But nothing was sent out. Do I have to BoXBo Closed Installation
#97 Language customization - Hi! Is it possible to customize Analytic Reporting Tool and make buttons and hyperlinks read othe Yaroslav Reznik Closed General Question
#78 Home Screen Error since install - The home screen of the admin user creates a error and displays white since adding Report Widget. Onc daniel Closed Bug?
#76 Report does not send - same issue as other reprted bug #54 - "Job 617d9bf3-3eec-bfb3-b765-57d001f3f9d9 (Analytic Reporting) daniel Closed Bug?
#54 Demo server available? - Hi IT Sapiens, Please share the details of a demo user on demo server if available. It would be g rahuljain Closed General Question
#53 problem with send report - Hello The report don't send :( i have try in UTC time and in frech time but the report don't se jmouton Closed Bug?
#49 Problem with personnal module - hello I don't can use my personnal module on the report . it is impossible?? It's VERY IMPORTANT jmouton Closed General Question
#33 Download link fails - Unable to download from SugarOutfitters. Please cancel trial. andrewlippert Closed Installation