Sapiens.BI helps you produce effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a Sugar and SuiteCRM BI plug-in with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, and a quick and easy setup. This Reporting Tool is easy to use, there is no need for technical knowledge or SQL. The Sapiens.BI tool comes with over 100 pre-built reports.

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#5103 Want to know the difference between two packages you are providing - License for all users and License for Reporting users. Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd Open Bug?
#4991 Question about your Licence - Hi there, We are interested by Sapiens.BI PRO and have a question about REPORT USERS ONLY option Dew Trelong Open Feature
#4757 Unable to install the package on SuiteCRM 7.3.x - Hi, We have purchased and downloaded the package but after the installation. The module (Sapiens arehman Open Installation
#4756 Is it available for 7.3.1 version of the SuiteCRM with PHP-5.6 - Hi, Please let us know if it is available for the SuiteCRM 7.3.1 having php version 5.6? If it Open Installation
#4660 Reports and charts not showing on dashboard - Hi, The reports and charts are not visible when we use the 'Add a Dashlet' feature. When I inspect jonnie00 Open Bug?
#4539 Upgrade to 7.12.7 CRM Version - We are trying to update the current CRM version to 7.12.7. I have tried to download the update of th Open Bug?
#4478 Font downloading failed. Please check module directory write permissions and try again. - Hi, I have setup the permissions for the directory but it still trowing the same error. Any help ahmadabdullahkhanpm Open Installation
#4282 "Drill-down to detailed data" opens the list but it is not filtered to the part of the graph selected e.g. click on the New status and the list view show Closed - Successful - Hello, We have put graphs on the dashboard. They show the count and value of quotes in each status Open Bug?
#4256 ancienne installation - bonjour je n'arrive pas a installer une version propre de sapiens.BI j'ai beaucoup d'erreur sur ce jmouton Open Bug?
#4105 Need demo for our team - we are looking to purchase this addon - Hello Team , We tried to reach you guys via "Request demo" button , However we see no response. RedPiranha Open General Question
#4011 Not able to validate the License - Hello, I have purchased the plugin for testing. But License is not validating. rkvissco Open Bug?
#3829 Report loading not working when include details checkbox selected in Group & Order Tab - Any report we configure to be grouped by some fields and the checkbox include details is selected, f agonzalez Open Bug?
#3677 License count issue - Hi, We have purchased a trial license for Sapiens.BI Pro. In all we have 15 users in our SuiteCRM Galaxkey Open Bug?
#3338 Create a Report combing "people" so Leads, Contacts,Targets from a given Target List - It doesn't appear I'm able to create a list of Targets, Leads, and Contacts unioned together where i stephen Closed Bug?
#3323 License Key Does not Exist - Hello, I installed on SuiteCRM and trying to validate the l ReportAdmin Closed Installation
#3302 Out of the box reports (all of them) won't populate data after install. - This is the most basic of exploring the product. Thanks. Just says "no data" even though I have 12 rick Closed Bug?
#3224 Scheduling reports - My emails and cron jobs are working. But scheduled report is not delivering on specified email. My saqibazeem Closed Bug?
#3081 Moving Average Report - Hi, I've looked through the manual... I'm sure it's possible to create reports based on moving av Discovery-Dave Closed General Question
#3075 Basic and Pro different - Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to know what is the difference between the Basic and Pro Version? And j4f Closed Feature
#2925 Error Downloading Fonts for PDF File Export - Hi, I have just downloaded and installed the Analytical plugin and I am now getting this error wh nihalwickramasuriya Closed Installation
#2921 export in excel format - hi, I defined a custom field as the Currency data type. I noticed that the preview of the report giacomoparravicini Closed Bug?
#2904 License activation times out and needs manual refresh - Licensing times out and dashboard shows error for each chart saying licensing is needed. When I ope helgi Closed Bug?
#2893 calculate time totals and other functions etween time fields - hey guys, the only reason that I am considering the module is to create time reports. We develope Florian Closed Feature
#2807 Only Admins can access reports - We have Analytic Reporting Pro but only admins are able to access the reports. There has been licenc Discovery-Dave Closed Bug?
#2747 Chart not showing in dashlet on Chrome browser - I created a pie chart report and a dashlet showing the chart on dashboard. It shows on many browsers helgi Closed Bug?
#2682 Similar issue to #1126 - I have pretty much exactly the same issue as Issue #1126 Installation completed successfully, but tfrancis Closed Installation
#2641 Please download fonts, to successfully export PDF files. - When we try to download the pdf fonts it errors see suitecrm log: Tue Mar 17 03:43:13 2020 [5376] ChrisLambert Closed General Question
#2637 Failure validating licenses - When we attempt to run a report or validate our license, we get the following error: Failed: Suga thriveadmin Closed Bug?
#2620 Charts Not Displaying On Dashboards - Hi There. We having issues displaying the charts on our dashboards. Sometimes they display. Sometime mlewis Closed Bug?
#2591 Support - Our company is using the trial version of your software and would like to get support. lapester Closed General Question
#2553 Calculating Close Ratios - Hi, I'm trying to create a report that calculates the closed won to closed lost ratio by year. e Discovery-Dave Closed General Question
#2549 Dev Use - Hi, How do I use our licence on the dev versions for testing? If I use the same key ve site it w Discovery-Dave Closed General Question
#2544 Responsive Dashboard - Hi, I have created Dashboards with charts and tables that fit within the column & row spacing but Discovery-Dave Closed Bug?
#2543 Can't connect to billing to update/increase licences - Hi, We are attempting to increase the number of licences but each attempt results in an error messa jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#2542 Issue with user license and validation - I am having a user license issue when trying to use the tool, there are 5 users is out site and 1 li LabLynx Closed Bug?
#2531 Per user licence not validating - Hello, We have just signed up for the 'per report user' licence for one user. When we attempt to jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#2483 I tried installing multiple times and it just fails - Installation fails. No error shown on the screen. Please provide support to install it. rajesh1 Closed Installation
#2433 Schedule Reports are not working (emails) - I've installed the trial versions however, since the first day we could send the report via email, f eherrera Closed General Question
#2336 Problem with license activation - I tried to activate the license but I got the error "The user does not have access to this add-on.". elabuelotanguero Closed Bug?
#2260 Trying to identify new accounts and churn in the same rrtpo - Essentially, I am working with the Accounts and Quotes module, using the valid until (expiration) da thriveadmin Closed General Question
#2256 Difference between Pro and Basic plan - What is the difference between the PRO plan and the basic plan? In the documentation I find no diffe Etairos Business Solutions Closed General Question
#2186 Report exports having a bad format since the latest update - After the latest update it seems that our report are not exported 100% healthy. Some of the numbers FIL Closed Bug?
#2026 Activacion the license - no type of license works, never validates. I have installed it 5 times and it is impossible, the lic santiago Closed Installation
#2022 Activacion the license - Install the application as the installation guide says. But I click on the validation button and not santiago Closed Bug?
#1860 Ability to turn of legends on Charts for Home Page - I wrote about two years ago about the inability to add our charts tot he homepage as the only thing stephen Closed Bug?
#1800 Numbers in Charts and Report are not matching - Hello, So we realised that our Charts are not showing the corresponding nummbers from the report FIL Closed Bug?
#1770 I delete affaire (opportunity) but i see this one in report ? - Hi , I delete affaire (opportunity) but i see this one in report ? but when i click on it i see er Crysy Closed Bug?
#1684 Issues during trial, Can't use if not addressed - In the list view of reports if I create many folders, they don't sort alphabetically. Dragging them micahyarborough Closed Bug?
#1578 Report builder and rport tooll not active accessible in trial pls advise says "This site can’t be reached" - Report builder and rport tooll not active accessible in trial pls advise says "This site can’t be george1 Closed Bug?
#1576 Cross-tabs - Would like to see how we can create a cross-tab report using this tool. customcreativellc Closed General Question
#1426 schedule reports are not sending emails - Hi Support, Normally emails are working fine in our CRM , but schedule reports are Crysy Closed Installation
#1363 User with assigned permissions can not access analytic reporting module - Hello again, let me say that your module is awesome I have made a very professional report with an e rodmontgt Closed General Question
#1358 How to create a report with related records? - I'm trying to creato a report but only the main selected module show the records if I add a related rodmontgt Closed General Question
#1353 Analytic Report Pro or Basic cannot be installed in suitecrm 7.10.7 - Hello there, I'm trying to install the trial of analytic reporting pro and basic versions, but eithe rodmontgt Closed Installation
#1344 Color of Graph bars to match the color of the labels - I have a report which shows a stacked bar report at the bottom. The color of the labels do not match stephen Closed Bug?
#1286 Top N items in a group doesn't seem to work - Whenever I attempt to group by a column and use the Top N items I get no data back. If I leave it a stephen Closed Bug?
#1182 License key will not validate - Hi I have just installed the module after it somehow removed itself and I input my license key bu nathanperritt1 Closed Installation
#1147 SLA - Can we do date subtract? for instance, i want to know the date the lead was entered into the system 1983rashmigupta Closed Feature
#1145 Reports do not work and Bad Data received - After setting up reports and starting to use them we noticed that they are rendering incorrectly. Be stephentew Closed Bug?
#1126 The Reporting Tool Pro doesn't work - Hello! I installed your tool for 1 user, but I cannot add any report, nothing... I don't under bakay78 Closed Installation
#1048 AnalyticReporting is inactive - hi, I have paid the license, even after validating the license, the word "AnalyticReport is inactiv Daniele Closed Installation
#1047 One to Many is not linking properly - I have two custom entities. Widgets WidgetStatistics Where Widget has many WidgetStatistics stephen Closed Bug?
#953 I bought the module for a user, but my installation is 8 users - Hello, I have bought a license since December and only now (february) will we start using it. My sur Etairos Business Solutions Closed General Question
#943 licence a part of my suitecrm users - Hi Support Team, is it possile to licence a part of my suitecrm users? e.g. 10 of 300 ? warme it5 Closed General Question
#808 Cancelation - How do i cancel. I only wanted this to test for 1 user who creates and views reports. cloudfonix Closed General Question
#777 Unable to validate the key - Pressing on "validate" returns to the same screen but doesn't activate the product. No error message Lily Collin Closed Bug?
#689 Sample reports - Hi, I managed to install the plugin however I cant see an sample reports. bill Closed Bug?
#678 Trial Key Not Validating - Our team is considering the Analytic Reporting Tool for our SuiteCRM. Our Trial is for 1 License an DanJimeno Closed Installation
#659 Pro Features - What features does the Pro version have that the Basic version does not? Can you provide a comparis BlackSandPublishing Closed Feature
#652 Schedule Report not sending emails - Hi Support, Normally emails are working fine in our CRM , but schedule reports are jeffrayint Closed Bug?
#627 Number of users Error - Hi , We currently have installed the Analytical reporting for Trial purpose. The idea is to use this jeffrayint Closed Installation
#547 Chart which includes 5 different modules? - Hello, Could I create a chart which contains five different modules. For example, I want to creat raees Closed Feature
#518 Question about licensing - We have 3 users that build and use reports in our CRM. My question is, if I purchase your product d cwonsey Closed General Question
#510 Unable to validate license key - analytic report - Dear Team, Yesterday i have purchased 1 license of analytics Report to test the feature and funct anuragchoube Closed Installation
#456 Chart not added to Dashboard - Hello, After upgradation of suitecrm, I am trying to add the chart to my suitecrm's homepage / da raees Closed Bug?
#301 Installed, but key not validating - Hello, Can install the module, but the 30 day trial key is not validating. davidcatherall Closed Installation
#215 exporting charts - Hi, I'm looking at CRM reporting options and wondering if your solution allows a download of char sophie.peacock Closed General Question
#129 error: key do not exist - Good afternoon, I bought a module of analytic eporting tool and when I register the key it leaves th jtapias Closed General Question
#107 Difference between Pro and base? - Is the pro version got all the base version feature? GontranHarvey Closed General Question
#81 Pricing for 1 user only - Hi, I purchased this add on. I have 10 users, but no one but me uses the reports. Is there a way t CRM Ninjas Closed General Question