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#1048 - AnalyticReporting is inactive

Closed Installation created by Daniele 4 years ago

hi, I have paid the license, even after validating the license, the word "AnalyticReport is inactive" is still shown. Furthermore the license [removed] is not validated. Can you help mie? Thank you

  1. sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

    4 years ago

    Hello Daniele,

    Thank you for contacting us! It is inactive because it appears that the subscription are both cancelled today.

    Would you like to activate it?

    Best Regards, IT Sapiens Team

  2. sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

    4 years ago

    Hello again,

    We have just looked deeper into this, - we can activate license for you, but the tool will still not work, because your system has 19 users, while you have only added 1, which is not enough. We can refund 120 to your account and you should start a new trial for 19 users, if you agree?

    Best Regards, IT Sapiens Team

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