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#5255 Mautic Integration - Subscription Management throws Error - Hello! When installing the eVolpe Mautic Plugin the "Subscription Management" throws this error m thomas Closed Bug?
#5005 Mautic can't connect to SuiteCRM: "There was an unknown error encountered when trying to obtain the access token" - When clicking "Authorize App" for the plugin in Mautic I get a popup with the error message saying " Andras Timar (Collabora) Closed Installation
#4921 Unable to map assigned user field - Hi, The Assigned User for a lead is not listed in the SuiteCRM fields to map to - how to I sync a Talenscio-Dave Closed Bug?
#4878 Sync not working to update Mautic when data changed in Suite - Hi, We have had the plugin running for a while now and updating seems to have stopped. If I impo Talenscio-Dave Closed Bug?
#4832 Generate access tokens error - Hello, we have installed the mautic integrator plug-in following each of the steps indicated. Our pr team3 Closed Bug?
#4769 Sync updates - Hi, I have campaigns setup to update standard and custom fields when a contact takes, or does not Talenscio-Dave Closed General Question
#4657 I get localhost link when clicking Synchronize records with Mautic mautic in admin settings, also mautic plugin not installing - I get localhost link when clicking Synchronize records with Mautic mautic in admin settings, also ma henry2 Closed Bug?
#4599 Updated Zip File - We would like the version that works with Mautic 4.2 (or later) but the latest zip file download not rherman Closed Bug?
#4585 Authorization failed with the error message, 'There was an unknown error encountered when trying to obtain the access token.' - I followed your installation and configuration guide. At step 3 of the configuration guide, I get suitecrm8 Closed Installation
#4561 Mautic v4.4.4 incompatability - We wouldn't get the Mautic-SuiteCRM integration to work with Mautic v4.4.4. Looking back at the supp rherman Closed Installation
#4515 Failure to send contact update information to Suite - Hi, We are currently trialling the plugin and it is working for new leads/contacts created or exi Talenscio-Dave Closed Bug?
#4461 Mautic Plugin Method Signature Errors - On a trial of this integration and hoping that it can work out for us. After unzipping, uploading, s brad4 Closed Bug?
#4433 SuiteCRM 8 - Hi, is the Mautic / SuiteCRM already functional with SuiteCRM 8? tobiaskirchhofer In Progress Installation
#4203 $120 per user? of SuiteCRM or Mautic? - I need to confirm what your pricing refers to Mautic users or SuiteCRM users t Closed General Question
#4103 When will Mautic v4 compatibility be done - We have a client that has been waiting quite a while to integrate Mautic into their CRM work Mautic magpie-pgz Closed Bug?
#4040 Error on instalation - when i try to install i get this error: ~~~ In ClassExistenceResource.php line 181: Class "Ma sg Closed Installation
#3999 Installation issue - Following your installations directions for file name (installing on a junk99 Closed Bug?
#3997 Installation at Mautic 4.1.0 did not work - a lot of error messages - Hi, I ordered a free trial, but the installation could not successfully done. In this support marcowelter Closed General Question
#3868 Solicito ayuda a soporte para Integrar el modulo con Mautic - Hola Necesito soporte o ayuda para Integrar y sincronizar el Modulo con Mautic. ya hemos instalado gabriel1 Closed Installation
#3856 Error al validar Key - Error de validacion de Key Failed: Subscription Key is invalid gabriel1 Closed Installation
#3854 synchronization - I finished the installation on both sides but I did not manage to synchronize the contracts from Sui cedricngonthe Closed Installation
#3819 Not working with my version of mautic - Not working with my version of mautic. Same error as this post coolingout Closed Bug?
#3746 Default Leads status pushed from Mautic - Using plugin to Trigger Lead push from Mautic to CRM, the Leads created have status 'NEW'. We would john5 Closed Feature
#3726 Installation Problem - Hi people, i uploaded the .zip of the plugin to my plugins directory and unzipped it. Now I have AlexHammerschmied Closed Installation
#3719 Mautic Points not able to Compare the Field in Workflow - Using mautic Points field in the Workflows, it does not allows to be used as normal Integer field to john5 Closed Bug?
#3687 Mautic activities are not pulled - Hello We are not able to get Mautic Activities under the contact. Below is a snippet from error john5 Closed Bug?
#3676 Errors when running cron.php on SuiteCRM - When running cron.php on SuiteCRM I receive the following errors: PHP Notice: Undefined index: t john5 Closed Bug?
#3642 Type error when installing - When I run the php bin/console cache:clear command I receive the following error message 8 times: john5 Closed Bug?
#3584 Redirection error in plugin setup - Dear Sirs, We are trying to setup connector between Mautic and SuiteCRM. We followed the guidelines devel Closed Installation
#3461 What does $120/user mean in the plugin price mean? - Hello, Can you please explain what do you mean by the term 'per user' in the price of the plugin? jcontreras Closed General Question
#3435 configuration issue after installation - Hello After installing and proceeding with configuration inside the CRM - Set connector Properties piesalud Closed Bug?
#3398 No mautic contact getting added to the suitecrm - Hello, I have installed and connected successfully the mautic and suitecrm installations but no l jcontreras Closed Feature
#3376 Impossibile eseguire step 5 della guida di installazione - Buonasera ho seguito la guida all'installazione ma non compare l'icona di eVolpe come posso proceder devel Closed Installation
#3351 We are having issues installing the plugin - Hello We are having an issue when installing the Suitecrm zip file. Attached a picture of the issue piesalud Closed Installation
#3336 Installation problem with CRM_Matuic packe version 4 - After following instructions to install the package, we got an error inside suiteCRM during package piesalud Closed Bug?
#2959 Unsubscribe due to too many errors - Due to many bugs in the integrator PlugIn we have been talking to the developers of the PlugIn direc jobvector GmbH Closed General Question
#2954 Mapping Account/Company Name for Contacts - Hi, As Accounts are not mapped using this connector, how/what do I map to get the company name fo Talenscio-Dave Closed Bug?
#2949 Plugin crashing site with Mautic 2.16.3 - Hello, I have during the course of the day installed this plugin to a fresh Mautic instance four jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#2938 Mautic V3.0 - Hi, Now that Mautic V3 is the supported version, could you please confirm plugin compatability? Talenscio-Dave Closed General Question
#2888 Failed: License Key is invalid - When I try to license the plugin in SuiteCRM I get an error: Failed: License Key is invalid. I copie brian3 Closed Installation
#2838 Problems with the Authentication - Hello. I would like to connect Mautic with Suite CRM but I'm having troubles in the step 2 of the registros Closed Bug?
#2794 SuiteCRM 'Assigned to' <> Mautic 'Contact Owner' - Hi, I have my SuiteCRM and Mautic config up and running and all seems to be working as it should. T paul7 Closed General Question
#2765 Re-install Plugin - I need to reinstall the plugin because after Change CRM Database Collation, leads from Mautic not ha TI_WIttel Closed General Question
#2750 Target List Synchronisation - Hello eVolpe Team, Where can I find more information about the target lists’ synchronization fe nicw Closed Feature
#2725 Primary Tracking & Custom Fields - Having recently purchased your module I've realised a couple of things that could be a problem for m nicw Closed Feature
#2704 Authorisation fails - unknown error encountered when trying to obtain the access token - Hello, Could somebody provide some guidance please to resolve the following authentication error? nicw Closed Installation
#2697 Mautic and Suitecrm not Syncing Either way - Hi I have completed installation and token has been accepted. I have a near empty Mautic instance an Alex Robinson - Anamise Pty Ltd Closed Installation
#2488 Synchronize records with Mautic not working - Mautic version is 2.15.3 SuiteCRM version is 7.11.10 eVolpe_Mautic jordiplanas Closed Bug?
#2487 Non-exist fields update_date_entered and update_date_modified on ev_MarketingCampaigns - We are trying to install and configure and eVolpe_Mautic_CRM_3.11.112 jordiplanas Closed Bug?
#2416 Mautic URL and Points - Hi for all. I reinstaled suitecrm and mautic. Everthing is ok, except Mautic URL and Points at "Ma TI_WIttel Closed Installation
#2408 Sync Contacts from Mautic to SuiteCRM not Working - i for all...Someone could help me? We starting to use SuiteCRM+Mautic in aws, and I folowed instr TI_WIttel Closed Feature
#2406 No Sync on custom fields - After proper instalation and first attemps of sync for regualr fields the sync performed properly. jordiplanas Closed Bug?
#2368 Re: Multiple Mautic Installs - We have multiple Mautic Installs... can we manage them within SuiteCRM with your Integration... we u ldanthony Closed General Question
#2212 Sync contacts suitecrm to mautic - I am trying to sync contacts from suitecrm to mautic Selecting Admin / "Synchronized records with m fabiangarcia Closed Installation
#2199 Authorization failed - Alert on new wirndow: Authorization failed with the error message, 'There was an unknown error enco fabiangarcia Closed Installation
#2104 Error trying to connect Mautic and SuiteCRM - Hi, We are currently using the free trial to evaluate the plugin and we have problem on step 2 of Shulito Closed Installation
#1963 Understanding Pricing plan - I have a question. As in the plan the price is anual per user, user means a Mautic Instance running jordiplanas Closed General Question
#1961 Problem with Lead Creation - Hi, when I try to create a lead, I get follow error: INSERT INTO leads (mautic_points,mautic_syn leon Closed Bug?
#1739 Problem with Synch of Marketing Activities - Mautic v2.15.0 SuiteCRM 7.10.11 LAMP stack PHP 7.0.33 Module downloaded from Sugar Outfitters Mo Business Fundamentals Closed Bug?
#1714 Disable SugarCRM Mautic Plugin? - Hi there, when you install are you supposed to disable the native SugarCRM Plugin that is in Mautic robdouglas Closed General Question
#1712 Version Support - Can you confirm the Suitecrm, mautic, php versions it supports. Your release notes differ from whats robdouglas Closed General Question
#1697 issue - Version 7.10.11 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) Have a module that it shows that is uninstalled gkarabel Closed Bug?
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