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#2416 Mautic URL and Points - Hi for all. I reinstaled suitecrm and mautic. Everthing is ok, except Mautic URL and Points at &qu TI_WIttel Open Installation
#2408 Sync Contacts from Mautic to SuiteCRM not Working - i for all...Someone could help me? We starting to use SuiteCRM+Mautic in aws, and I folowed instr TI_WIttel Open Feature
#2406 No Sync on custom fields - After proper instalation and first attemps of sync for regualr fields the sync performed properly. jordiplanas Open Bug?
#2368 Re: Multiple Mautic Installs - We have multiple Mautic Installs... can we manage them within SuiteCRM with your Integration... we u ldanthony Open General Question
#2212 Sync contacts suitecrm to mautic - I am trying to sync contacts from suitecrm to mautic Selecting Admin / "Synchronized records w fabiangarcia Closed Installation
#2199 Authorization failed - Alert on new wirndow: Authorization failed with the error message, 'There was an unknown error enco fabiangarcia Closed Installation
#2104 Error trying to connect Mautic and SuiteCRM - Hi, We are currently using the free trial to evaluate the plugin and we have problem on step 2 of Shulito Closed Installation
#1963 Understanding Pricing plan - I have a question. As in the plan the price is anual per user, user means a Mautic Instance running jordiplanas Closed General Question
#1961 Problem with Lead Creation - Hi, when I try to create a lead, I get follow error: INSERT INTO leads (mautic_points,mautic_syn leon Closed Bug?
#1739 Problem with Synch of Marketing Activities - Mautic v2.15.0 SuiteCRM 7.10.11 LAMP stack PHP 7.0.33 Module downloaded from Sugar Outfitters Mo Business Fundamentals Closed Bug?
#1714 Disable SugarCRM Mautic Plugin? - Hi there, when you install are you supposed to disable the native SugarCRM Plugin that is in Mautic robdouglas Closed General Question
#1712 Version Support - Can you confirm the Suitecrm, mautic, php versions it supports. Your release notes differ from whats robdouglas Closed General Question
#1697 issue - Version 7.10.11 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) Have a module that it shows that is uninstalled gkarabel Closed Bug?