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#2406 - No Sync on custom fields

Closed Bug? created by jordiplanas 4 years ago

After proper instalation and first attemps of sync for regualr fields the sync performed properly. After that different situations were wrong: 1.- If you update core data as Name of the contact, or adress in SuiteCRM no updated data appear in Mautic. 2.- One custom field (with the same design type in both sites) mapping was activated, and was sync one time. If you change the value in Suite and refresh no change appear in Mautic. 2.- Once serie of custom fields -21- (with the same design type in both sites) mapping was activated it didn't work. No sync was performed.

Could be kind enough to take a look if is a bug or is a bad configuration and usage of the product?

  1. eVolpe member avatar

    eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

    4 years ago

    Hello Jordi,

    I need more information: • SuiteCRM version • Mautic version • version of the CRM package installed • version of the Mautica plugin installed

    Information that can help - synchronization of Lead / Contact with CRM to Mautic takes place if: • the integrator is configured ( • the integrator has an active and validated license in CRM • CRM administrator data is provided in the Mautic integrator plugin settings • in the Administration -> Mautic Integrator License Management settings, the user is added to the license • Lead / Contact in CRM has the field E-mail address completed

    Best regards, Maciej Jankiewicz eVolpe Support Team

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