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#2416 - Mautic URL and Points

Closed Installation created by TI_WIttel Verified Purchase 4 months ago

Hi for all.
I reinstaled suitecrm and mautic.
Everthing is ok, except Mautic URL and Points at "Mautic Information" Tab of SuiteCRM. Someone could help?

I'm sending one print of the screen.

SuiteCRM Bitnami AWS Image: 7.11.8
Mautic Bitnami AWS Image: 2.15.2

**Plugins: **

Tks for all.

  1. eVolpe member avatar

    eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

    3 months ago


    Could you send me that print of the screen directly to me via e-mail?

    Best regards,
    Maciej Jankiewicz
    eVolpe Support Team

  2. eVolpe member avatar

    eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

    2 months ago

    If "No Access" appears, then probably the current user is not added to the license.

    Administration -> (at the bottom of the page) Mautic Integrator License Management -> inside:
    • validate the license correctly (Validate button), it will give us info how many users can have a license, how many licenses are assigned to it, how many free places are left
    • then transfer the user from Unlicensed Users to Licensed Users

    • TI_WIttel member avatar

      TI_WIttel Verified Purchase

      2 months ago

      You're alright, only licensed users can show this links. I'll buy more licenses .

      Sorry for any inconvenience.


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