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#5255 - Mautic Integration - Subscription Management throws Error

Closed Bug? created by thomas 4 months ago


When installing the eVolpe Mautic Plugin the "Subscription Management" throws this error message:

"eVolpe Subscription: PackageId is empty"

The error is logged here: /var/www/public/legacy/modules/ev_PackageSubscriptions/views/view.edit.php (line 40)

SuiteCRM Verision is 8.5.1 PlugIn Version is: eVolpe_Mautic_Integrator_Plugin_For_CRM_4.4.264

Additionally we wonder why the "Action" and "Enable/Disable" buttons are not visible in the "Module Loader" page. See attachment.

Best regards, Thomas

  1. eVolpe member avatar

    eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

    4 months ago

    Hi Thomas, thanks for reaching! Unfortunately that's becuse SuiteCRM Verision is currently work in progress. It should be available by the end of March/beginnig of April.

    Best regards, MG

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