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#4878 - Sync not working to update Mautic when data changed in Suite

Closed Bug? created by Talenscio-Dave a year ago


We have had the plugin running for a while now and updating seems to have stopped. If I import leads into Suite, they are synced across to be created in Mautic and the Mautic link shows in Suite, etc.However, if I update the lead in Suite, the changes do not get synced across. The field mappings are correct, the token is generated, leads, contacts and targets are enabled in connector settings.

The only field that appears to update correctly is 'Do Not Email'.

It's essential we can rely on data being updated when changes are made in Suite or Mautic so your help to resolve urgently would be appreciated.

Many thanks

  1. eVolpe member avatar

    eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

    a year ago

    Hello Dave!

    Please remind me what versions of Mautic, SuiteCRM, and PHP you have?


    • Discovery-Dave member avatar


      a year ago

      Hi MJ,

      Mautic: v4.4.5 PHP: 7.4.33 Suite: 7.12.7

    • eVolpe member avatar

      eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

      a year ago

      Please, send us new entries (which should appear when you save changed lead record ) in one or more of these log files: • Mautic logs: [mautic_instance_directory]/var/logs/mautic_prod-YYYY-MM-DD.php (YYYY-MM-DD - current date)

      • SuiteCRM logs: [suitecrm_instance_directory]/suitecrm.log

      • PHP logs (e.g. Ubuntu + Apache): o /var/log/apache2/php7.4-fpm.log o /var/log/apache2/php7.7-fpm.log.1 o /var/log/apache2/errors.log o /var/log/apache2/errors.log.1 o path that looks similar to above

  2. Discovery-Dave member avatar


    a year ago

    By re-authorising the plugin on Mautic and re-generating the access token the sync is now working.

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