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#2727 Nothing seems to be syncing, even though everything setup OK. - I'm not sure if I did everything right, but it *seemed* like all went according to the install instr anthony2 Open Installation
#2698 The zip file is missing a manifest.php file. Cannot proceed. - "The zip file is missing a manifest.php file. Cannot proceed." Using RT GSync_Suite7_4. francispilon Open Installation
#2495 Synchronisation not working - Synchronisation not working Each time we save the profile we have the popup google-RT Gsync an cedric Open Installation
#2491 Task synchronization not working properly - Hi, when synchronizing a task to/from SuiteCRM/Google, the hour is lost. Examples: - I create a t louiselalonde Open Bug?
#2447 Cant manage to download the file from suitstore - Hi Guys The system opened a new account for me under couldnt log in for hours t Isaacsachs Open Installation
#2440 Cannot Sync Google Account - Nothing sync. Tested with two ways: - From SuiteCRM to Google - From Google to SuiteCRM .... PatrickLacroix Open Bug?
#2302 Selective sync - "Automatically sync Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents between Google Apps and SuiteCRM DevinCurrie Open General Question
#2222 Class not found error - This is the same case as [#2215]( ) . The server support12 Closed Bug?
#2215 Installing the module then entering the gmail id made the whole suite crm instance crash - Running 7.11.8. Installed the module. Did the repair and quick fix. Then validated the key. selected tuongvinguyendang Closed Bug?
#2132 The error message of cron - When I execute cron job manually, I got the error message as below: PHP Notice: Undefined variab wangyijun19 Open Bug?
#2131 Contacts Sync Issue - After installation and execution of schedule, some of the contacts in Gmail and some of the meeting wangyijun19 Open Bug?
#2128 Not syncing - Hi I installed it and added cronjob. We followed the step in FAQ as well All seems to be set up cor kent In Progress Bug?
#1925 Subsequent sync does not work - Hi, during my first synchronization, everything was synchronized from my Google calendar to suitecrm louiselalonde Closed Bug?
#1878 Gmail ID RT GSync: Google Apps Integration - I get to step 4 in the installation and the Gmail ID field is missing under user profile. dave2 Closed Installation
#1858 no contact synced for big database - I wrote you many email but still no answer. Please give me some feedback. lrealdon Closed Bug?
#1834 1 user no synch - Hello I have 2 users This evening 1/2 don't work ! the synch don't work. the appointment in goog jmouton Open Bug?
#1808 ADD ON Gmail - Hello, I think I have everything installed and when I indicated my Google ID, there is a popup that phd Open Installation
#1787 Tag Sync - Is it possible to Sync tags between suitecrm and gmail? we are using TagMe plugin and we'd like t lrealdon Open Feature
#1737 Install Failed - ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive(upload:// Directory(/var/www/suite pcwizrd Open Bug?
#1703 Installation Error - I used the administrator account to install the GSync plugin in the module loader, which has been su lindali Open Bug?
#1597 In preferences for one user it say Job is not created yet in the lower right hand corner. - Calendar is sycning but emails are not archiving. - Hello, I am on trial of your software any only using it with two users right now as we test functio stanleyparker Open Bug?
#1545 Trying to install module into SuiteCRM - When I go to the module uploader I pick the module I want to upload which is RTGSync_Suite7_v3.7.2 a tlewis Open Bug?
#1294 RT GSync Preferences not working - Hello Support, We have recently purchased your product for our Suitecrm version:7.8.2 Sugar Ve Kanhaiya Open Bug?
#1260 Gmail Password not available after installing - Hello guys; I´ve been testing your solutions in order to stablish a sync process between my amedinaban18 Closed Installation
#1223 Google Disabled Ability to Login with Gmail from Suite - Hi, When I try to authenticate the a gmail from the module. This issue keep occurring. CRM Ninjas Closed Bug?
#913 Bug with logging calls - I have just upgraded SuiteCRM to the latest version and have installed this app, but users cannot lo adamcripps Closed Bug?
#907 I started a trial and this version is not compatible with our version - I would like to cancel and don't understand how - How to cancel? oren Closed Bug?
#857 Key does not work - 0cd3e639b3de5dd1ebcc8c7ba664c12c . This is the only Key I have and does not work with 3.71 down? Joseph2 Closed Bug?
#813 Error when trying to validate licence key - Getting 'Failed' error when I try to validate the key. SuiteCRM Version 7.8.2 RT GSync Version 3 markb Open Bug?
#812 Stop payment recurring monthly. - what is the process to stop the automatic payment deduction which is occuring monthly. i want to st deepikakesarwani Closed General Question
#810 Upload Issue - I get an error when I upload the zip package ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive(upload://rtgsync-RT_ Joseph2 Open Bug?
#807 Validate key - I can validate the key code. I have message error when i try to validate jasm Open Bug?
#787 successfully install rt gsync . But unable to validate the key - Hi , I am able to install the rt gsync module but when I enter the license key and hit the valida AmanCis Closed Installation
#779 Installation Issues - Your documentation is not correct for the installation. ![Verified-pre-install.JPG](https://store johnsparks50 Open Bug?
#694 Sync Calendar - I have 5 calendars on my Gmail Account but I can see only the default one on my suitecrm. Why? sbonaldo Open Bug?
#657 Filter Contact to Sync - Can I decide which contacts to sync with a field? sbonaldo Closed Feature
#492 no cronjob installation - you promised to install the cronjob on Monday, but nothing happened. I am not satisfied with your &q tburmeister Closed Installation
#487 ADMINISTRATOR HAS DISABLED GSYNC FOR THIS USER, CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR TO ENABLE IT. - Dear team, it looks as i have the same issue as info27 Open Bug?
#357 Issue trying to License / Add Users - I have installed the module, when I put the key it validates and where it should be the user selecti nick1 Closed Installation
#340 New Install > Cannot Edit Layout - Good Afternoon. I was able to make it up to item 8 of the installation guide. I followed the instruc Walt Closed Installation
#336 Validation fail - I hit validate and there was no redirect. support4 Closed Installation
#321 What ports and/or IP addresses need to be open on the suiteCRM server for GSync to work? - I've had trouble getting GSync to work, and I think it may be from ports and/or IP firewall restrict 1reason Closed General Question
#232 Failure in installation - Hi! I cannot work with RT GSync. After installing and validating the licence key, there happens - no thomas1 Closed Bug?