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#857 - Key does not work

Closed Bug? created by Joseph2 Verified Purchase 2 years ago

0cd3e639b3de5dd1ebcc8c7ba664c12c . This is the only Key I have and does not work with 3.71 down?
Order 2943
Thanks . Please advise

  1. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago


    Can you be more specific in your issue. Is the license not being validated?

    Rolustech Support

    • Joseph2 member avatar

      Joseph2 Verified Purchase

      2 years ago

      Gee thought that was clear
      Upload program
      Paste License file in box when it asks for it
      Click Valadate and nothing happens
      Could it be that this newer version takes a different key?

  2. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Hi Joseph,

    Haha just wanted to make sure.

    Anyways, please perform a Quick Repair and Rebuild and validate the key. If you still face any errors then please provide us the following at '' so we can look in to this issue in more detail,

    • Apache logs
    • SuitCRM logs
    • Environment details (Apache version, OS and its version, SuiteCRM version and, mysql version, SuiteCRM package zip file)

    Rolustech Support

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