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Save Your Team Countless Hours. SugarChimp syncs your lists in both directions so you can work in your preferred app. Segment and group your Mailchimp subscribers based on SuiteCRM data so you can market to the right people at the right time. Compatible with all versions of SuiteCRM.

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#4872 test ticket please ignore - test Chad Closed Bug?
#4797 Unsubscribers in MailChimp aren't aligned with those in SuiteCRM - Hi, a customer of ours has SuiteCRM 7.10.27 and SugarChimp 9.3.3a he has found lots of Contacts tha Lion Solution Closed General Question
#4742 Non-static method SugarOutfitters_API::get_default_payload() cannot be called statically - get_default_payload is defined as a normal method. defining get_default_payload as a static method t Closed Bug?
#4131 License key is invalid - We are using SugarChimp already a couple of years, but it didn't seem to be working anymore this mor Televic Digital Closed Bug?
#4102 Records that share the same email address being updated to be the same every minutes - We have an issue with a customer where every 10 minutes contacts that share an email address are bei FibreCRM Closed Bug?
#3893 mailchimp bounces automatically update SuiteCRM record email as 'Invalid'? - Does Sugarchimp handle a Mailchimp bounce by updating the related SuiteCRM record email as 'Invalid' mjel70 Closed General Question
#3579 5000+ target list syncing to MC with out 38 making it across to Mail chimp - 5000+ target list syncing to MC with out 38 making it across to Mail chimp - I PERMANENTLY DELETE mta Closed Bug?
#3380 Sync Tab - error - Good afternoon, In opened tab Sync Settings it sends request to '/index.php?module=SugarChimp&am vladimir.reznik Closed Bug?
#3379 Health Status Tab - two notices - Good afternoon, Entering to Health Status tab we are facing two notices: Notice: Undefined varia vladimir.reznik Closed Bug?
#3378 empty relationships/sugarchimpactivity_MetaData.php causes Notices - Good morning, Empty file relationships/sugarchimpactivity_MetaData.php causes Notices within inst vladimir.reznik Closed Installation
#3360 Field Mapping - basic version - Hi, I've detected the following issues related with field mapping: - If a CRM contact has a bi FCastellanos Closed Bug?
#3359 Sync a list process - basic version - Hi, In the step 1, when I've to choose a target list, the Sugar List field doesn´t display all FCastellanos Closed Feature
#3040 The SuiteCRM not loading after a hung install of SugarChimp - Urgent. After a hung install of the latest SugarChimp, please SuiteCRM not is not loading after I hdgeeks Closed Installation
#2963 Trouble syncing from mailchimp - Hey I'm having trouble syncing from mailchimp to my instance of suite I have gone through the set dfraser95 Closed Bug?
#2913 Synchronize a list with many contacts - Hi, I have tried to sync 49,000 contacts from a target audience list with a mailchimp audience, but info50 Closed Bug?
#2900 problem with list sync - Hello, I have a problem with sugarchimp when it comes to synchronizing a target audience list in sug info50 Closed Bug?
#2861 Globaloptout changing from value 2 to value 1 - Hi Sugarchimp, We have set UPDATE config SET value=2 WHERE category='sugarchimp' AND name='globa FibreCRM Closed Bug?
#2859 Doubt with plugin sugarchimp suitecrm - I have other questions regarding this topic. First, do you know if you can link multiple suitecrm l info50 Closed Feature
#2855 MailChimp Email History in the CRM - We're looking to get the "History" module in SuiteCRM to populate with any of the email history sent aalred Closed Feature
#2845 Various questions with mailchimp and suitecrm - Hello, I have several questions regarding mailchimp. In case someone unsubscribes, how do you know? info50 Closed Installation
#2839 Doubt with the sugarchimp plugin - Good afternoon, I need a clarification. With the sugarchimp plugin incorporated in suitecrm, synchro info50 Closed General Question
#2836 doubt with mass mailing within suitecrm using sugarchimp - perfect, thank you very much. I have another question, when I am going to send mass mail, I get thi info50 Closed General Question
#2830 Doubt with plugin sugarchimp suitecrm - Good afternoon, I have a problem with the sugarchimp plugin when I install it in suitecrm. On the ma info50 Closed Installation
#2489 The buttons don't work - Hello, good afternoon, I am finishing my installation of SugarChimp and the buttons to validate the alek1l99 Closed Installation
#2286 Uninstalling sugarchimp - instance not removed - We cancelled our subscription and have uninstalled / deleted the module via module loader but the ad jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#1994 List sync don't work - Hello, What's up? I've tried to sync a list of contacts using SuiteCRM, but this don't work in caiocarvalho Closed Bug?
#1835 Undefined index: SugarOutfitters_lic_SugarChimp - A staging server of mine has is setup to mimic production, but does not have the correct key. Your p stephen Closed Bug?
#1827 cannot Archive email from outlook to suite crm - When i want to archive an email from outlook to Suite crm i receive a popup saying : Archive error . rico Closed Bug?
#1782 Workflow sending via Mailchimp - HI, I would like to ask if the emails that are sent via workflow, are they using Mailchimp email se vivekdev Closed General Question
#1600 SugarChimp stop synching. - We are not able to synch to MailChimp. The request stay in the queue but we do not see the synch com Grace Christian University Closed Bug?
#1561 Mailchimp Activity - Hi, I am little bit confused by your module. everything works well apart from viewing the mailchimp mrigbywhite Closed Feature
#1518 Leads and target list - When in the PROVersion the Lead have to pass in the list that is in the syncing with mailchimp? Imme davidedm Closed General Question
#1476 Licence trial not found - I begin a trial period with the outlook plugin. The installatyion is ok but I dont have trial licenc borisbernard Closed Installation
#1284 Change Log - Do you have a change log posted somewhere? Doesn't seem to be packaged up in the package or prominen stephen Closed General Question
#1189 upgrade - I want to upgrade the free trial basic to the professional, what can I do? Thanks corrado Closed Installation
#1143 Marking an email address as "Invalid" in suitecrm for a Contact / Lead does not stop Mailchimp from sending emails to them - Marking an email address as "Invalid" in suitecrm for a Contact / Lead does not stop Mailchimp from stephen Closed Bug?
#912 SugarChimp Has Stopped Syncing - Why I am getting this error message ? The license was unable to validate. Please log into your Su accounts1 Closed Bug?
#887 Best way to use Sugarchimp - What is the best way to use sugarchimp? One target list with all leads, contact and target automa vincenzotuccari Closed General Question
#856 Is this support to SuiteCRM Version 7.7.9 (Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509))? - Hello Support, Please let me know is that work with SuiteCRM Version 7.7.9? Regards Amit Hard amith Closed General Question
#828 SugarChimp not working - Hello I have installed SugarChimp on our hosted SuiteCRM instance. It seems to run once (syncroni mark1 Closed Bug?
#663 Scheduler not working error - Hi, I am in the inital setup stage and I have recieved the " Scheduler not working error" how do I f nathanperritt Closed Installation
#350 Unable to Sync - Hi, We have recently got a free trial for SugarChimp Pro. We have been able to install the module william Closed Installation
#346 missing SugarChimp scheduler - I am having loads of issues installing and using SugarChimp - I know have an issue with the schedule JDenton Closed Installation
#333 Unusual behaviour with MailChimp module in SuiteCRM 7.8 - I am using a free trial of your SugarChimp plug-in to see if it provides my client with all the requ JDenton Closed Bug?
#230 Contacts imported have blank fields - Hi, SugarChimp Team! I tried importing leads from a mailchimp list and it did import 335 contacts Mark Consuegra Closed Bug?
#141 Not installing on PHP7, Win Server 2012R2, MSSQL - hi, no errors but freezes on 82% :( ![sugarchimp1.PNG]( ivan Closed Bug?
#99 Case for - Please assist customer: Hi Jason, I have a problem with the synchonisation from Mailchimp to Suga annealfredo Closed Installation