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#2830 - Doubt with plugin sugarchimp suitecrm

Closed Installation created by info50 2 years ago

Good afternoon, I have a problem with the sugarchimp plugin when I install it in suitecrm. On the mailchimp website I have created a campaign, and I want suitecrm to take that campaign. I have looked at several tutorials, but I do not see the options that I attach in image1, and I get the options in image2.

I don't understand much how the plugin works. Can you help me?

Thank you!

imagen1.PNG imagen2.PNG

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Happy to help. The first image looks like it's from another Mailchimp integration called Mailchimp Extension. The second image is our integration, SugarChimp. When you saw you want SuiteCRM to take the campaign you created in Mailchimp, do you mean you're wanting to see data from the campaign for records in Suite?

    It looks like you've gotten SugarChimp installed, so the next steps would be setting up the lists you're looking to sync and setting up any fields you'd like to sync from Suite to Mailchimp. These steps (and their support articles) are below:

    1. Set up a list to be synced with Mailchimp:
    2. Set up Field Mapping to sync fields from Suite to Mailchimp:

    I'm happy to hop on a call to walk through these steps with you or chat through how the integration is intended to work. If you'd like to schedule a time, feel free to use the link below to find something that works for you:

    Thanks, Heidi

    • info50 member avatar


      2 years ago

      perfect, thank you very much.

      A greeting.

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