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#4506 [Live Demo] button linked here in your About page --> 404 - I was excited to try it out, but sadly almost all the content behind the Exclusive Feature [Live De Ward Closed General Question
#4503 SuiteCRM installation stops at 70% - I was able to install the trial on Wordpress, but the installation on SuiteCRM hangs at 70%, after " info137 In Progress Installation
#4367 Problem fields restitution from SuitecCRM to WordPress Portal - Hello, i have an instance of SuiteCRM (7.10.32) with a WordPress site. Modules are installed on alangoge Closed Bug?
#3833 The installation or connection with wordpress could not be achieved - When installing the module it throws "Database failure. See suitecrm.log for more information." oscarmayorga Closed Bug?
#3769 Wordpress Plugin will not activate - I have installed the plugin to the wordpress site but get this error when I try to activate: 'Plugi chrisely Closed Installation
#3594 Translation in french - I have seen that we have to translate through Drop Down Editor. Is there a package with all the tran BVDC Closed General Question
#3580 Cannot connect Portal to SuiteCRM - I am lost ! **In SuiteCRM **LICENSE CONFIGURATION: MANAGE AND CONFIGURE THE LICENSE FOR CUSTOME facturation Closed Installation
#3552 Customer portal crashes my whole wordpress website after installation - I am using Wordpress 5.6.2 and I already had this issue twice: After installing the plugin both Davint Closed Bug?
#3485 No installation documentation ? - I have seen a user guide but no installation guide. I am a bit lost on what has to be done in Suitec facturation Closed Installation
#3393 Portal is disabled. Please contact your administrator. - I have walked through the SuiteCRM & Wordpress install guide multiple times, but can not get the skeewompus Closed Installation
#3091 type validate -> licience status is not updates, lic code is not save - click validate (key demo - true) round run... this is not change status of licience for all conf skylakert Closed Bug?
#3003 configure - I'm confused as to the configuration with regards to "Enter Customer Portal URL Which is used by Sug marketing6 Closed Installation
#3000 can not connect wp plugin to suitecrm - can not connect wp plugin to suitecrm. I get an error ! message no matter what I do. tried disablin marketing6 Closed Bug?
#2945 Case not saving in portal - Hi I have setup the portal and can access the modules When I log in as a user on the wordpre RiaanBez Closed General Question
#2905 Cases module - 1) On create New case in CRM this case have No security groups (Clean field). 2) On create New case skilful Closed Bug?
#2824 Contact get all Accounts? - Before changing the portal domain this worked fine Now one contact showing all Accounts Closed Bug?
#2655 Portal Notifications and Documents - Any idea how to turn these notifications on inside of customer portal? ![Screen Shot 2020-03-23 a kgray Closed Feature
#2547 after instaling the portal custom fields not saved - when i make failed in the CRM and i tried to show it on the portal it's not saving some of the field MohamedYoussry Closed Bug?
#2384 Portal Sign Up - blank white page instead![Portal Sign Up Global Investment Services Corp.png](https://store.suitec MohamedYoussry Closed Bug?
#2317 hi I have some presales and programming questions want to buy asap and start working - hi is there any suit crm to wordpess and vice versa integrate with CRM suite - Wordpress Gravit damir Closed Feature
#2145 wordpress portal manage page is empty - ![AwesomeScreenshot-www-giscorponline-portal-manage-page--2019-08-03_6_00.png](https://store.suitecr MohamedYoussry Closed Bug?
#2120 Wordpress content - We were hoping to publish content to the Wordpress site connected to the CRM via this portal, where alex4 Closed General Question
#2119 Screen frozen when attempting to configure portal layout for modules - Every time I try to configure portal layout for a module, I click the "edit view" button, then a div alex4 Closed Bug?
#2010 Credentials not accepted when using LDAP - We have a SuiteCRM 7.11.2 that is using LDAP authentication. User can log in to SuiteCRM just fi aphidconsulting Closed Bug?
#1946 Credential not bein acceted - I input my credential to worpress and it shows error Connection not successful. Please check Suite hector.chim Closed Bug?
#1774 Installation impossible : Connection not successful. Please check SugarCRM Version, URL, Username and Password. Possible Reasons - Hi, i cannot install correctly the plugin: Here is my environment: PHP 7.3.1 Apache 2.4.37 crmsdsdatamark Closed Bug?
#1716 Add on has no Access Control - Hi Team, We wanted to purchase this plugin but we noticed this application has no access control. CRM Ninjas Closed Bug?
#1676 Connection not successful. Please check SugarCRM version, URL, Username and Password - after installing the SuiteCRM plugin and validating successfully. ![SuiteCRM success.png](https://s subs Closed Bug?
#1579 Account info - When I create a proposal on the customer portal for word press it does not bring over the contracts eklein Closed General Question
#1569 can't get passed woordpress customer portal setup. - ![Capture.JPG]( eklein Closed Bug?
#1529 Log errors on fresh install - Just purchased and installed on a FRESH instance of SuiteCRM 7.10.10 and getting this in the log. R dngreene Closed Bug?
#1037 Requirements for Plugin - Hi, For the suiteport plugin, is it self contained in wordpress or do you have to also have the ent netlover Closed General Question
#1036 functionality questions about the plugin - Hi, I have a client that is looking for a client portal. They do credit education. They would like netlover Closed General Question
#986 Open Cases With Single Contact/Login for Many Accounts - We need to offer our customers the capability to create cases with single login (contact) for many a comercial Closed General Question
#904 Custom Module - Is it not possible to add a Custom built Module to the Customer Portal? jteeple Closed Bug?
#793 Invoice payment through Wordpress - Hi, Is it possible for clients to pay invoices through the Wordpress customer portal? I would mikeand Closed General Question
#771 Need to point WordPress sub-domain to different suit crm sub-domain - Hi, First I thank you for this plugin I needed exact this kind of plugin. I have some question in my pixxmedia Closed General Question
#761 Intallation & Customisation - Hi, I am interested in purchasing this plugin. Is installation and customization included? Th bsalouris Closed Installation
#732 How to give access to multi site having multi sub-domain? - HI I have install and implement this plugin with single crm site and single WordPress site . Now I pixxmedia Closed General Question
#730 Need to access custom CRM module in Portal Enable Access Module List - HI I am facing problem as I want to give portal user to create dealer lead, seller lead from portal pixxmedia Closed Feature
#729 Need to access custom CRM module in Portal Enable Access Module List - HI I am facing problem as I want to give portal user to create dealer lead, seller lead from portal pixxmedia Closed Feature
#718 attachment field in case creation - What field should I use to allow the user to upload an attachment when creating a case? ViniciusAssis Closed General Question
#667 Installed fresh suitecrm, uploaded WP portal, no validation / config possible - No matter what I do, I can not get this module to work. Upload and installation proceed, then end toprow Closed Bug?
#662 PHP Syntax Error on WordPress plugin activation - Greetings, After wp plugin installation when I try to activate it I am getting the following erro mjpires Closed Bug?
#619 Please take 100 off my annual fee - Appjetty reduced the price to 399 and i am requesting 100 off this order and all future orders. JHatfield1 Closed General Question
#583 Can´t connect with Wordpress - Hi, I´ve installed Wordpress plugin to test in a test instace of my suitecrm, but I can´t connect renato Closed Bug?
#496 can i have customer crm modules in wordpress portal - can i have customer crm modules in wordpress portal I have a custom module- and i want a contact mjel70 Closed Feature
#392 multi-language support? - Does your plugin support other languages? German? If yes, but not translated yet: How much work w jdickinson Closed General Question
#382 Missing SuiteCRM Modules Portal Setup - I just set up finished setting up wordpress portal with SuiteCRM 7.8.3. I have it working on both si ghansen Closed Bug?
#364 Ao instalar SuitPort em nosso servidor ftp, ele derruba nosso site. - ![Screenshot_3.png]( abraaobarbosasp Closed Installation
#273 cannot connect to the portal - Dear sir, I followed the installation guide for the portal on both sides, SuiteCrm and Wordpress. jeremielepere Closed Bug?
#267 Login problem - Hi, I have installed portal in CRM and on WP, but when I try to login I get "You do not have suff gkabic Closed Bug?
#165 Security Issue - Hello Its about 6 months that i am waiting yours add-on fix release. Several times i told your tech mmojadad Closed Bug?
#94 Wordpress side installation Error - Hello I tried install Wordpress-Package on a fresh latest version Wordpress and get the followin mmojadad Closed Bug?
#40 Trial Extend for WordPress SuiteCRM Customer Portal Pro - We would like to request TRIAL extend. Due to several problems we had during installation and config IntelligentContacts Closed General Question
#15 Error message: License Key not found - Hi, I recently purchased this plugin and just attempted to install this on a local dev environment. cmoore Closed Installation
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