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#165 - Security Issue

Closed Bug? created by mmojadad 6 years ago

Hello Its about 6 months that i am waiting yours add-on fix release. Several times i told your technical support and sales that : 1. SuiteCRM admin password currently save as Plain Text in Wordpress and its a very very unsecured way and must be fix ASP and they said will fix. Till now this not done. Password my save encrypted ( MD5 ) in WP side. 2. Your addon have not any solution for Contacts data that there is in SuteCRM and only work for new Create Contact. In real world we are talking about a CRM with thousands Contact info and in this way we could not use your addon unless you find a way. Your support staff told me there is a script that fix it but never provide me this script and i worry about it seriously .

Please fix it for me and extend my trial to check it in deep.

Regards, Mehran

  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hi Mehram,

    As we have communicated with through email, we are closing this case now.

    Thanks and Regards, Biztech

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