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SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration, Click To Call, Call Notificaiton Popup, Call Logs, Call Recordings.
Supports Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix, Twillio

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#2092 Does this addon work on FreePBX with Asterisk version 16.3.0 - FreePBX with Asterisk version 16.3.0 deeksha.shetty Open General Question
#1847 problem integrating to asterisk - i've installed the module per your instructions, and entered the details. but there is no pid and no lior Closed Installation
#1830 We have problems with the integration to a pascom PBX - We use a pascom PBX. This system is based on a asterisk pbx. But I do not have the Information that finance Closed Installation
#1749 Pre-sale question about "RecordingLink" and NodeJS - Hello, Reading your documentation (before starting the trial), I noticed "RecordingLink" dindiface Closed Installation
#1709 No PID after Asterisk Service Has Been Started - Hi, After configuring the Asterisk Server parameters, the service is started correctly but there i camiloduque Closed Installation
#1686 PJSIP Support - Does this support PJSIP? We can't seem to get outbound calls working, Asterisk log shows: chan_s barry Closed Installation
#1669 Recording Link IP and Port - I am trying to set up my add on and I am not sure how to find out what my recording link IP and Port MartyC Closed Installation
#1656 Undefined index: LBL_UW_TYPE_MODULE - ![Capture.PNG]( thang Closed General Question