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#1686 - PJSIP Support

Closed Installation created by barry Verified Purchase 4 years ago

Does this support PJSIP? We can't seem to get outbound calls working, Asterisk log shows:

chan_sip.c: Purely numeric hostname (35711), and not a peer--rejecting!

We're also having an issue with incoming calls showing up three times within the window and no calls seem to be logging. Our cdr_manager.conf is:

[general] enabled = yes eventfilter=Event: DialBegin eventfilter=Event: BridgeEnter eventfilter=Event: Cdr

Is there a way for this to support SSL as well? The system does not work at all with HTTPS.

  1. dreamertechs member avatar

    Dreamer Technologies Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Hello, Yes, It does support SSL, For that Asterisk Integration Service must be start with the same key and certificate used for CRM.

    As per our TeamViewer session, we have checked together the following things working.

    1. Click To Call
    2. Outbound Call Notification, Call Logs, Save Call Description, Call Recording
    3. Inbound Call Notification, Call Logs, Save Call Description, Call Recording (For Queue Calls and Non-queue Calls, both are working properly)
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