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Scalable, Enterprise-Class solution for integrating SuiteCRM with Exchange / Office 365. Synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks. Set rules for auto-archiving of incoming/outgoing emails. Combine (optional) with an Exchange / Office 365 add-on that presents an Email Side-Panel in Outlook and allows users to view, create and edit CRM records from within Outlook.

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#3889 can't install SuiteCRM Exchange / Office 365 Integration - ## can't install SuiteCRM Exchange / Office 365 Integration ![Clipboard01.png](https://store.suit adamstross Closed Installation
#3627 I need to move a license to a another user and need the URL for the manifest file to update O365 - I need to move one of my two licenses to a new user and I need information on the URL to update the thriveadmin Closed Installation
#3401 SuiteCRM Exchange Office 365 Intégration - Hello, We are installing at a customer this plugin that we bought u a few weeks ago and we have thi Genius Closed Installation
#3368 Changed files during installation process? - Hi. I've tried to install the frontend on my computer with admin-rights. However, I get an error a rabbit01 Closed Installation
#3312 Exchange and Office 365 - I have installed the frontend and it sync with SuiteCRM my contacts. I see it online. I don't unde SteSuiteCRM Closed Installation
#3197 Intégration SuiteCRM Exchange / Office 365 - Hello We are trying to install this plugin, without success. It does not want to install and give Genius Closed Bug?
#2718 Current Office365/ExchangeOnline and SuiteCRM Version 7.11.12 - Hi Does your plugin for ServerSideSync support the currrent office 365 with SuiteCRM 7.11.12 ? haraldgeisser Closed Installation
#2619 Is it possible to show custom modules in the sidebar? - Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to show custom modules in the outlook sidebar? and archiv jbrown1 Closed General Question
#2493 How to link or import lead/account emails - Good morning I'm testing SuiteCRM Exchange / Office 365 Integration, I have a problem... how do I Eli-net Closed Bug?
#2410 Exchange Add-on - Office 365 integration is fine but I cannot see how to install or add the optional Exchange side pan nigelsmith Closed Installation
#2311 Sync stopped working for 2 users - I have 4 users setup for sync. It was working fine but just stopped working for 2 of the users. I cwonsey Closed Bug?
#2087 No date_sent_received for inbound messages - In testing, I have noticed that no messages place a date in the "date_sent" field of the Emails tabl cwonsey Closed Bug?
#1974 Sending the last purchase bill again to - Dear support, for our accounting we need to get a new copy of the purchase bill from 20th of April. TransWare AG Closed General Question
#1877 pricing options - Hi there, We are interested in using this option. Is there a discount possible for companies heinvv Closed General Question
#1817 no sync - have emails contacts that are in outlook and in suitecrm but if you look at the implicit window in t randy Closed Bug?
#1790 Cancel license - Hello, I've tried many approaches on multiple VM OS versions and have never been able to get this pl davidbakker Closed Bug?
#1732 User syncronization done for just 1 user account instead of all 4 registered users - Dear Support, we have the behavior that only 1 of our 4 registered users are being recognized/synced TransWare AG Closed Bug?
#1628 Integration Tips - Hi, we're working about plugin integration with our Exchange 2016 server. I've a question about ho iginoleporati Closed Installation
#1410 Contacts not deleting for Exchange "invalid action (Unsync)" - I have a one way sync from CRM to Exchange working for new contacts and changes to contacts. Howeve hbar Closed Bug?
#1394 Sync of contacts fails when a large number of contacts are synced - Use case is a one way sync of contacts from SuiteCRM to Exchange 2013. I have 6000 contacts, the in hbar Closed Bug?
#1384 Missing contacts - I want to sync contacts between SuiteCRM and Exchange 2013. I completed the install and verified hbar Closed Bug?
#1307 Only one user gets still synced, for three other users the sync has stopped - Hello Support, we encounter that the sync does just sync email for one of four people. Please check TransWare AG Closed Bug?
#1302 Updated payment info, but software still not working - Dear support, I have updated the payment info for our product "Exchange Integration", but the softwa TransWare AG Closed Bug?
#1153 Installation failure: SQL Server 2008 Express for Implicit FrontEnd fails - Hello, I'm looking to test this component, but the installation fails on my VM (Windows Server 2016) davidbakker Closed Installation
#957 Please cancel our Trial - Sorry, our Managagement wont invest in this time mirko Closed Installation
#905 Exchnage integration - Hi I could install the exchange integration and everything work quiet fine. With the calendar sy mcueni Closed Bug?
#769 License count exceeded even though the license file contains a sufficient count of users - AGAIN on 15.11.2017 - As we reported in ticket we hav TransWare AG Closed Bug?
#554 Invalid server URL - Windows Server 2012 R2 Exchange 2013 SuiteCRM 7.8.2 I am trying to deploy and configure the pro hbar Closed Installation
#479 License count exceeded even though the license file contains a sufficient count of users - Dear Implicit, Our current license user count has a count of 4 concurrent users, but wh TransWare AG Closed Bug?
#473 Errors during installation - Good day. I've seen several errors during the installation of SuiteCRM Exchange. Our version o mcueni Closed Installation
#461 Sync does not link for all email items - Dear support, We have purchased 4 client licenses for your product Implicit FronEnd to sync the e TransWare AG Closed Bug?
#363 Perpetual license option? - Do you have any options for perpetual licensing instead of paying annually? cwonsey Closed General Question
#241 Impossible to load an attachment - It is not possible to load an attachment from history. See the "opportunity" open opportunit TransWare AG Closed Bug?
#237 Sync logic to be updated - 2 Problems: - The sync is done to non TO recipients (E.g. when you have also CCed some people, the TransWare AG Closed Bug?