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Scalable, Enterprise-Class solution for integrating SuiteCRM with Exchange / Office 365. Synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks. Set rules for auto-archiving of incoming/outgoing emails. Combine (optional) with an Exchange / Office 365 add-on that presents an Email Side-Panel in Outlook and allows users to view, create and edit CRM records from within Outlook.

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#3312 - Exchange and Office 365

Closed Installation created by SteSuiteCRM a year ago

I have installed the frontend and it sync with SuiteCRM my contacts. I see it online. I don't understand: On my Office 365 what i need to install ? I need to activate a plugin ? If yes where is possible to download it ?

I have 3 Office 365 users: One with Windows Two with Apple Mac What i need to install There is a similar frontend like the Office 2019 one ?

(The licence was purchased with

best regards Stefano Dameni

  1. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    a year ago


    Seems like there is some confusion between different FrontEnd products. Your license is for FrontEnd for Outlook which is an Outlook plugin for Windows. This product is client side only and no Office 365 plugin is necessary. If you are looking for FrontEnd for Mac, please see

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      a year ago

      Hi, I try to explain myself better than I have (situation "a") a Suite + Frontend for Outlook on Windows and it works fine. I am enthusiastic.

      One friend of mine have a SuiteCRM too. He have 1 pc with Win10 and 2 Mac. On these computer he have Office 365. He have purchased a Implict frontend for Office 365 (in try period) and it's working with the Exchange configuration, in this moment with 1 user. 1) I don't see the same Frontend interface that i have on Outlook (refer situation "a" above), i have only "archive" on Implicit pluging for email message.

      Which product do I need to purchase to have the same interface as situation "a" on Office 365? Remember that i have 1 Win10 and 2 Mac, this is the situation that make me confused about right Frontend.

      Best regards and happy new year. Stefano

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    Implicit Inc. Provider

    a year ago


    FrontEnd for Mac is a totally different product than FrontEnd for Outlook on Windows. It does not offer the same functionality or user interface. FrontEnd for Mac provides a side-panel that shows up in Outlook which is similar to the one in Windows but not the FrontEnd ribbon or all the additional functionality that you have on Windows.

    If you are referring to the Exchange/Office 365 server-side integration (the product you posted your questions under) - That is again a different product with no client-side user interface at all since it interfaces directly to Exchange/Office 365 with no Outlook plugin.

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