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#237 - Sync logic to be updated

Closed Bug? created by TransWare AG 5 years ago

2 Problems: - The sync is done to non TO recipients (E.g. when you have also CCed some people, the sync will also take into account those addresses) - Additional entities (leads etc.) are created

We propose the following logic/sequence of sync for the entities (Leads, Contacts, Accounts etc. etc.)

  1. Look to the list of TO recipients and sync via email address
  2. If no entity found via TO email, then continue to the list of CC, then the list of BCC
  3. If found an entity via email in the TO, CC or BCC, do not create additional entities (e.g. do not create Leads when the email is already synced to an existing Lead).
  1. info10 member avatar

    TransWare AG

    5 years ago

    Hi, do you have any update for us regarding the adjustment of the sync logic as we proposed?

  2. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    5 years ago

    Hi. Thanks again for your suggestions. We will not be changing the sync logic at this time in order not to affect other customers.

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