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Scalable, Enterprise-Class solution for integrating SuiteCRM with Exchange / Office 365. Synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks. Set rules for auto-archiving of incoming/outgoing emails. Combine (optional) with an Exchange / Office 365 add-on that presents an Email Side-Panel in Outlook and allows users to view, create and edit CRM records from within Outlook.

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#1153 - Installation failure: SQL Server 2008 Express for Implicit FrontEnd fails

Closed Installation created by davidbakker 4 years ago

Hello, I'm looking to test this component, but the installation fails on my VM (Windows Server 2016). It fails when trying to install SQL Server 2008 Express for Implicit FrontEnd. According to the log: "Process exited with code -2068643839".

After some searching of this error code, it looks like there's a variety of reasons a process could exit with this code. Can you shed some light on likely issues with this component?

  1. davidbakker member avatar


    4 years ago

    I tried installing this on another VM which is a WinServer 2012, and it appears to have worked. I guess 2016 is not supported, or causes issues with this version of SQL Server Express?

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