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DocParser creates PDF or MS Word documents based on any record and it's related data. DocParser can be used to merge information from any module into a presentation-quality document and create an MS Word and PDF documents. The parsed document can be downloaded from both the List view and Detail view.

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#4167 Creating PDF cuts document - Hi, 1. I am creating a document with more than 15 pages (28 at all). The document is cut after pa sebastiankopp Closed Bug?
#4156 some dynamic content for documents - Hi there, I have two questions regarding your module: 1. Is it possible to implement a logo in sebastiankopp Closed General Question
#4155 Admin-Page is down after installing the addIn - I have installed the addIn and now I am not able to access the admin page anymore. It is just blank. sebastiankopp Closed Installation
#4134 Do you have some test enviroment? - Hi, I¡m interested in this addon, but you don't have the trial version of this. Can you provide so Etairos Business Solutions Closed General Question
#3866 Word/PDF export looks different - Hi, my exports in word or PDF looks different. Font size in word seems to be bigger. I add sc ramboss Closed General Question
#3865 Horizontal Printout - Hi, is it possible to switch between vertical and horizontal printout? ramboss Closed Feature
#3864 Header and Footer - Hi, I need a Header und Footer. Is that possible? ramboss Closed Feature
#3858 Landscape? - Hi, Can doc parser generate pdf in landscape? We require this features.. do you have it? Regard seanfdo Closed Feature
#3734 Can I create a password for the PDFs? - Hello, I am interested in this plugin, but I would like to know if it is possible to automatically Davint Closed Feature
#3644 Adding an image, but as a variable - Dear all, I need to put an image, which changes based on login_user into the template. The image f dmiletic Closed General Question
#3487 Pdf Does not Generate - The null issue was resolved with correcting the folder permission. But I was only able to generat seanfdo Closed Bug?
#3468 Menu Item for the docparser is null - ![docparserIssue.PNG]( seanfdo Closed Installation
#3152 PDF template - hi I need to create a PDF template with a model which is complexe and already created Is it possib JJNINI Closed General Question
#3107 Not Seeing All Related Modules (only seeing related subpanels) - I am using the Contracts modules (renamed to LOADS). I can see the modules (table containing details dremgamble Closed Bug?
#3093 Advanced Master-Detail [also a Master]-Detail Report - I recently installed your module. And, it works as expected. However, I am wondering if I am able dremgamble Closed General Question
#3031 Cannot upload images within Suitecrm - When creating a DocParser template, unable to upload the image which can be done when creating a Sui ivansr Closed Feature
#2933 Error in downloading email attachment when Doc Parser is Enabled - The following errors occur every time we try to download an email attachment while Doc Parser is ena ivansr Closed Bug?
#2791 Relationship to Emails to either Accounts or Contacts - Good day, I have the module installed on a solid working copy of SuiteCRM Version 7.11.13. My que mediaeer Closed General Question
#2748 Permissions & Security Groups - Hello, Is it possible to create templates and assign them to security groups, thus meaning that onl mikekilby Closed General Question
#2578 Field Selection does not work - Hi all, after successful installation we have the problem that the field "field selection" does n buchhaltung1 Closed Bug?
#1857 wysiwyg support? - Hi we use your wysiwyg plugin and would like to know if this plugin can export this field as its dis OPDS Closed General Question
#1730 creating pdf from unrelated modules - We have downloaded a trial version and have a couple of questions. The current PDF template for cus jo.blagg Closed General Question
#1659 Enabling for older accounts - I am able to create docs however in the action window, the command only shows up in new created acc Jas2006 Closed General Question
#1528 Just installed - this is in the log - Just installed on a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.10.10 and getting this in the error log. Running on dngreene Closed Bug?
#1525 DocParser - Hi we are not using the default Document module in SuiteCRM, but are using our own. The reason for i kent Closed General Question
#1521 Question on using custom modules and related modules - Can this plugin generate documents from custom modules more than one relationship away? That means, peterjakob Closed General Question