Generating great looking documents from SuiteCRM just got a whole bunch easier with DocParser. However you use your CRM, you can now design templates that use your data to create PDFs or Word docs. This includes any related data as well as any custom modules that are important to your business.

Highlevel Overview

DocParser creates PDF or MS Word documents based on any record and it's related data. DocParser can be used to merge information from any module into a presentation-quality document and create an MS Word and PDF documents. The parsed document can be downloaded from both the List view and Detail view.

Sample Generated Doc

Sample Generated Doc in SuiteCRM

Highlighted Features

  • Create documents from stock and custom modules.
  • Built-in template builder/designer.
  • Includes sample templates to get you started.
  • Generate bulk letters from a single click.
  • Option to set sorting, numbering, record limit, and an additional blank column for further process.
  • Download as either MS Word or PDF.

Template Editor

Doc Template Editor in SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution go to DocParser or search for "docparser".

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