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Workflow Email action with Dynamic PDF Template Attachment

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#3371 Email is only without the attachments in the history of the records. - Hi, it is sending the E-Mails with the attachments but is not adding the attached PDFs to the E-Mail Sma Closed Bug?
#3233 PDF template not filled - We're currently in a trial run with this module and sending of email with the correct email template TacoJansen Closed Bug?
#3213 Rendering issues - The plugin has some issues rendering a PDF as compared to using the SuiteCRM PDF rendering. A dec sjuvonen Closed Bug?
#3137 Module - We are interested by this module but need to be sure about our possibilities We need to create emai JJNINI Closed General Question
#2872 Not working with scheduling workflow - I create a workflow for sending mail after 10 days with a pdf attachment, but not working. In the sa rkvissco Closed Bug?
#2745 What Format does the Field have to be ? - We recently bought your plugin. We use workflow to write specific emailt to case after user save it sp Closed General Question
#2728 dony work the extension - Próximos cambios del historial Pronto estará disponible el historial de traducciones, crm4 Closed Bug?
#2392 PDF Template for Line Items - gentlemen the pdf for the module of quotes and invoices does not work because it does not show the p crm4 Closed Installation
#2242 Workflow with PDF attachment not working - Hi Support, As advised, I've repurchased the plugin and installed the version 1.1. Also, validate rahuljain Closed Bug?
#2226 Message via your website Contact Form - Hey there, I sent you a message via your website. Feel free to message me directly - wasn't sure SuiteCRM Closed General Question
#2116 Workflow with PDF attachment not working - Hi Support, We are using SuiteCRM 7.6.6 with PHP 5.3.29. MS SQL database with IIS 8.5 Web Serve rahuljain Closed Bug?