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#4233 - Failing to install it in our live environment after successful test in our dev environment

Closed Installation created by jeninmacc 5 months ago

Hello, we installed this in our dev environment and thought it was fantastic. However, every time we try to install it our live environment for a final test before purchasing it, it take a couple of mins, then just goes to a white screen. My IT colleague has increased the memory limit and timeouts and it has had no impact. He also said 'when looking at the mysql process list it didn't appear to be doing anything'

He did notice the following error msg

2022-03-29 16:29:28 32995 [Warning] Aborted connection 32995 to db: 'b4rn_suitecrm_db' user: 'b4rncrmadmin' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets)

before changing the memory and time out limits. (I'm not sure if he saw this after he had made the changes.

Any suggestions to help us install this would be much appreciated. Thank you, Jenny

  1. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    5 months ago

    Server permissions were not correct which were fixed on a call and now the plugin is working.

  2. jeninmacc member avatar


    5 months ago

    The plug in is now working great. The support from your company has been absolutely excellent, thank you so much for helping us to resolve it so quickly.

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