Here is a new way to automate your processes. Instead of having to export templates to PDF and then manually crafting and attaching those to your emails, automate the whole process with this new add-on. This new Workflow Action lets you select both an email template and a PDF template that gets attached to that email when triggered within a workflow.

Highlevel Overview

This plugin will help you save time by automating the redundant task of Saving PDFs and then attaching them to emails in order to send them to clients. Simply create a Workflow and choose Email Template & PDF Template that would be added as a Dynamic Attachment to the Email.

Templated Attachments

When your workflow conditions trigger you can send emails with a templated PDF as an attachment. The data in your template will be substituted based on that data in the record.

SuiteCRM PDF Template Attachments

Define PDF Actions

Define PDF Actions to make smarter workflows by automating the sending of PDF attachments to your customers.

SuiteCRM PDF Actions

To learn more about this solution go to Workflow Emails with PDF Attachments or search for "attachments".

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