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Make lead management a breeze when you combine the power of the popular digital marketing tool, RD Station with your trusted SuiteCRM platform. This integration helps your team send leads from one system to the other, using syncing technology and webhooks.

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About RD Station

This all-in-one tool helps you manage and automate your digital marketing activity, driving more traffic, leads, relationships and sales for your company.

Features of the RD Station SuiteCRM Integration

  • Create lead in RD Station from SuiteCRM
  • Create lead in SuiteCRM from RD Station
  • Create SuiteCRM contact as RD Station lead

With this add-on, you can easily create leads in RD Station from SuiteCRM with the help of the sync button. Alternatively, you can create leads in SuiteCRM from RD Station with the help of webhooks.

Configuration Examples

Use the convenient Sync Contact button to create a lead in RD Station (from SuiteCRM).


See the “success” confirmation after syncing your current SuiteCRM lead to RD Station.


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