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#2745 - What Format does the Field have to be ?

Closed General Question created by sp Verified Purchase a year ago

We recently bought your plugin.
We use workflow to write specific emailt to case after user save its (so there's a custom email field in cases module)

Now we'd like to send a PDF to that specific email.

What format does your plugin expect for the parameter "Field" ? (see screenshot - its german version but should quite clear)


  1. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    a year ago


    For email address specification, the Plugin uses core SuiteCRM functions, which searches for "Email Address" field.
    As you know that "Email Address" is not a common field type that can be added via Studio, thus in your case, it would be required to change those pointers and direct them specific to your (custom) email address field to add it to the workflow.

    You can contact us on our support email address to get more details on this customisation.

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