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Workflow Email action with Dynamic PDF Template Attachment

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#4236 - PDF Attachments, not Template

Closed Feature created by massimo one month ago

Hi, is it possible to use this module to send email through workflow with a dynamic pdf attachment (not PDF Template)?

  1. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    one month ago

    Hello Massimo

    By dynamic PDF you mean that PDF data would be filled up by replacing the variables and then attached to email ? if that is the question then this is what the Plugin is meant for. If you have something else on mind, please clarify.

    Thank you

    • massimo member avatar


      one month ago

      Hi, thanks for your reply. For the description I understand that it's possible to attach only PDF template (PDF based on recorded data); instead, I would like to attach a pdf file that I've previously uploaded. For example, every month I upload various PDF files for every customer and, when uploaded, I would like to send them to the customer email address; with the workflow I can decide the conditions and the email template but I can't attach the uploaded files. In the email template I can attach a fixed default PDF, but is not what I need. Another solution could be to create a PDF template with pdf file inside (or a PDF of the PDF), but I don't know how to do it.

  2. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    one month ago

    For further clarification, we have sent you an email. Please check your inbox.

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