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#3233 - PDF template not filled

Closed Bug? created by TacoJansen 11 months ago

We're currently in a trial run with this module and sending of email with the correct email template and the pdf attachment is working fine. But the pdf is not filled with data. We only see the field names. We've tried with fields in Quotes, Accounts andOpportunities, but none of them work. Can you point us in teh right direction? Because if this is not working, then we have no use for this module.

  1. TacoJansen member avatar


    11 months ago

    I managed to get the PDF filled with data.

    • jaspersnijders member avatar

      jaspersnijders Verified Purchase

      7 months ago

      How did you manage to fill the pdf with data?

  2. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    11 months ago

    Okay, thank you Taco for updating. We would close this ticket, if you have any issue later, please dont hesitate to contact us again.

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