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Want each user to have their own outgoing email server configuration? This add-on is perfect for that. Each user can setup their own outgoing server.

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#4304 SMTP Authenticate Failing on every domain - I can't get any mail server to authenticate after installing the module. Are the any additional set patrick1 Open Bug?
#3977 Multiple SMTP takes to account the user name and not the email id - Hi we came across this issue whiles evaluating your plugin... for the SMPT authentication we added seanfdo In Progress Bug?
#3633 Sending email with attachments do not work after installing the addon - Hi I was trying out you plugin. After installation of plugin we cannot sent attachment in the emai seanfdo Closed Bug?
#3387 SMTP Authenticate issue - I have installed multiple SMTP plugin( in SuiteCRM 7.11.18 but after sanjay1 Closed Bug?
#3242 Affecting other module tagME - Hi, I made a purchase today for tagMe and their module failed to verify the license due to a codi darren1 Closed Bug?
#3020 OAuth2-Gmail Support - I was wondering if there was a plan to add OAuth2 keys to the multi-smtp plugin? Currently, Googl screenflex Closed Feature
#2294 Does not work with suiteCRM 7.2.1 - Hello, it is possiible that this tool doesn´t work with the suiteCRM Version 7.2.1? CU Felix finance Closed Installation
#2291 Installing Multiple SMTP breaks email's "Relate To" autocomplete - Before installing the module, if you go to a contact and select an email, a popup appears and you ar screenflex Closed Bug?
#2290 From Name Incorrect When Not Sent From Workflow - The company I work for is currently trying out the trial of Multi-SMTP. We got it because we wanted screenflex Closed Bug?
#2144 trial to purchase - how to convert the test into a definitive purchase? tgamez Closed General Question
#2133 not sending emails - you module automaticly checked the authentication box even though it is not needed . we have our se randy Closed Bug?
#1932 Will it work for SuiteCRM version 7.6.6? - Hi Support, Please advise if this plugin can work for SuiteCRM version 7.6.6. PHP version 5.3.2 rahuljain Closed General Question
#1917 Only one user is able to send emails thru Multiple SMTP - Hello, SuiteCRM version 7.11.2 No modifications made - The only modules loaded are Multiple SMTP aleveille Closed Bug?
#1914 From does not appear to show correct sender - Hello, I just installed Multiple SMTP on our Suite CRM 7.11.2 server. Works fine, the only pro aleveille Closed Bug?
#1380 Send Mail from Workflow as assigned user - Hello, i want to send e-mail from Workflow with the mail settings from assigned user. We are usin info51 Closed General Question