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#1917 - Only one user is able to send emails thru Multiple SMTP

Closed Bug? created by aleveille 3 years ago


SuiteCRM version 7.11.2 No modifications made - The only modules loaded are Multiple SMTP and a french language pack

For some reason, only my account is able to send emails without generating an error from the system while using Multiple SMTP.

The test email is working when configuring the outgoing SMTP but it shows an error when trying to send an email thru the mail application.

My account does not have that problem but all other accounts that were configured exactly the same way have this behaviour.







Kind regards

  1. varianceinfotech member avatar

    Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd Provider

    3 years ago


    Is it possible to give us your CRM Credentials, FTP access and email credentials which you've configure if you don't mine ?

    If yes then please send us on "".

    I am asking credentials because it'll be easy for us to check issue on your CRM

    Regards, Variance Infotech PVT LTD

  2. aleveille member avatar


    3 years ago


    I was able to find a way to fix the issue. In the main email configuration page, I just unchecked the highlighted bix in this screeen capture and everything start working again.

    You can close this ticket.


    Kindest regards.

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