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Visualize and manage your "work in progress" by dragging and dropping your records. Add a Kanban view for any SuiteCRM module. Great for sales pipelines, leads pipeline, account pipeline, support team boards, project management, and more.

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#2885 Kanban Board per Account - Hi, I read that this adding works with plenty of modules. However, instead of having one kanban v davidmakrucki Open General Question
#2820 Duplicated cards on kanban view - On leads module with related activities, the record's card shows as duplicated as many activities ha camiloduque Open Bug?
#2551 Move Kanban from the menubar, to inside the Opportunities menu. - We only use Kanban for Opportunities, therefore I would like to move Kanban from the top menubar, to fosullivan Open Feature
#2428 Project task do no appear as a module option on target module - When i try to create a board with a prioject tasks, the project tasks modules does not appear. arod Open Bug?
#1948 NEW LICENCE BOUGHT - KEY DOES NOT EXIST - After our issues - today without warning our licence was 'refunded and need to purchase new licence' t Open Bug?
#1813 Kanban - Licence needs renewing everyday - Hello I have tried to send a Skype to Andrew with no reply? We had customisations done to our pl t Open Bug?
#1772 MySQL error: Table 'crm.kanban' doesn't exist - Hello, During the installation I see the following error: MySQL error 1146: Table 'crm.kanban' doe sandstone Open Bug?
#1658 is this compatible with suitecrm 7.7.4? - The settings page link doesn't appear in Administration when installing on suitecrm7.7.4, suite 7 th Florian Open Bug?
#1471 I need uninstall but no options to uninstall - I need uninstall but no options to uninstall rahmat.latka Open Installation
#1468 white screen - Hi, Just installed the trial version into suitecrm 7.9.8. If I try to create a new kanban board fr piet Open Bug?
#1458 card still gray color even when we drag but not put in to stage disable - I drag the card to stage that I set for Display as closing columns but change mind to drag back IT of 1-TO-ALL Open Bug?
#1391 Kanban not show itens when other languages installed - We have a SuiteCRM installation with PT language installed. We configured a new Kanban view for Opp Asesamo Open Bug?
#1376 Not Working for Custom Module - Hello. I have installed Kanban View on our test environment version of Suite CRM (v 7.10.7) and I a Noah Open General Question
#1240 Allow other users access to view/edit a Kanban board? - I do not see a way to allow other users to view Kanban boards I have created. We are using this in o cswanson Open General Question
#1215 Kanban - Licence does not work - Hello, We are currently lauching a production instance, and it seems that the licence does not w paulgazel Open Bug?
#1210 Displaying the multi select field - Hi, is it posible to configure the module to properly show custom multi select field? Just to remo robertpreskar Open Feature
#1139 Update Style - Hi, Where would I edit the css. I would like to update the styles slightly to make the headers mo brendanbell Open General Question
#1138 Duplicate Kanban View - Hi, Great product. Question. I have to create a number of Kanbans that are all the same basic str brendanbell Open Bug?
#1019 Roles / permissions issue - I was testing a scenario where i wanted the admin user to see all leads by selected status on the ka cloudfonix Open Bug?
#876 can it be integrated with a custom module - I was wondering it this can be integrated with a custom module with a status field. then kanban view rdprasadravi Open General Question
#868 White screen - HI Whenever i select a Target module i am redirected to a blank white screen. Can you advise cloudfonix Open Bug?
#867 How Create a New Dashboard? - I create one dashboard, but i need to create a new one....I dont found the where daviassaf Open General Question
#782 Kanban - export - Hi, I would like to make an export of Kanban view, on csv, xls or pdf. It is possible ? If paulgazel Open General Question
#688 Kanban Tab does not appear - After installation in Suitecrm v7.9.6 installed on Ubuntu 16.04, went to Admin | Rebuild and cleared steventan Closed Bug?
#537 User permissions - Where do I allow users to access Kanban? They can access it on the menu, but they can't do anythin robdouglas Closed Feature
#533 Pipeline - Roles - Assigned User - Hello I am using the Kanban module within a sales setting using the Contacts module The users w t Closed Feature
#465 Schedule Meeting / Log Call - Hello :) When I click schedule meeting / log call it creates the record but it includes all header t Closed Bug?
#291 unable to validate my license - I am unable to validate my license. I have spent hours trying to do this. Also with the Suite CRM st StephanErasmus Closed Installation
#279 How do I close opportunities on the board - Hi, In our opportunities module we have a few active states for an opportunity and 2 possible close mikedempsey Closed General Question
#228 Bug - not working with new version SuiteCRM 7.8.1 - Kanban page no longer loads since upgrading. Error log shows; PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined lyndon Closed Bug?
#195 How to use Saved search - Hi I found "Saved search" in settings area, but always is empty. Could you explain m Computo Closed Feature
#139 Cannot sort Planned calls by Start date - Hi, I don't seem to be able to sort the Planned calls by Start date in the Kanban view, how do I katarinakallgren Closed Feature
#127 Can't get Kanban to work on our version of Suite - Hi, I've installed the 30 days trial on our Suite CRM v 7.3.1 (Sugar 6.5.20). I manage to install, katarinakallgren Closed Bug?
#126 Quite a few things available only to Admin - Hi There, We have recently purchased the Kanban plugin. After installation, we came across follow rahuljain Closed Bug?
#25 Dragp And Drop Not Working - Hi Guys, I'm unable to drag and drop cards from within the Kanban view. Any ideas why this wou djrobertson Closed Installation
#19 Still Not Working - Hi, The replacement key you have provided still does not work. Thanks David djrobertson Closed Bug?
#18 Failed: Key does not exist. - Module is installed but the key does not work. The key is: 66742fac92ced6ace4ffd20646c43629 djrobertson Closed Installation