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Open Bug? created by t Verified Purchase 2 years ago

After our issues - today without warning our licence was 'refunded and need to purchase new licence'

We have now done this and when put into the CRM it says 'This Key does not exist'

  1. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    2 years ago

    1. The most common issue for this error is your firewall that blocks connection to (the request is sent to check license but could not get license server because of your firewall).
    2. I do not see the purchase in your account. Please send me your license key to
    3. If you have old key, please send me your old key.

    Best regards
    Andrey Uymin
    Project manager, Vedisoft
    skype: andrew.uymin

  2. t member avatar

    t Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    Hello Andrew
    All sent to you without reply again!

    Have you changed your Skype address?

    As no reply from you I've been in contact with Jason from this store but again all suggestions made by him failed

    These errors only occurred after you made us customisations on your plugin.

    Please take some responsibility to resolve this issue
    It's been over a year since WE PAID you to make the customisations to your plugin and every week since you did it this licence validation expires but no you've taken responsibility to fix it just pass onto Jason

    I've been extremely patient but we are going to lose this client due to this simple error
    As it's occurs in a weekly basis with no resolution in site


    • Vedisoft member avatar

      Vedisoft Provider

      a year ago

      Hi Ahmed,

      I did not change skype address. The last message from you (except message from today) was on May 3, I replied on it on May 4.

      "These errors only occurred after you made us customisations on your plugin."
      We can't reproduce it on test servers in 2018 and asked you to make a test yourself on clear SuiteCRM on VDS server (outside your network).

      The test on VDS server is perfect way to go forward because:
      1. VDS server excludes issues with firewalls, DNS servers and other network issues that can take a place in your (or your client) network.
      2. If you can repeat validation problem there, you can give us ssh and http access to this VDS server and we will debug it right there. Because locally we can’t reproduce this problem.

      I asked about this in 2018 and I asked you last time on March 11 in 2019 in skype , but as far as I know you have not tried this simple test.

  3. t member avatar

    t Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    Please send me a message via Skype or email

    Easiest solution is you send me your plugin + or customising with NO VALIDATION CODE ATTACHED

  4. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    a year ago

    I sent the answer by email as well.
    We are not going to build module without validation code.

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