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Intuitive and powerful sales pipe management for SuiteCRM opportunites

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ALL OPEN DEALS ARE ON A DESKTOP - opportunities in a kanban view.
DRAG & DROP - easily changeable stages of sales.
FEW CLICKS - easy manage and plan activities related to opportunities.
IDENTIFY problematic Opportunities that need more attention.
PREDICT AND ESTIMATE future sales amounts.
GAMIFY OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT - won and lost amounts are always visible. That make sales reps feel like real players!


SalesPipe can be displayed as dashlet in Home page

home page.jpg

or View in Opportunities module.
SalesPipe view.jpg

sales cards contain information such as:
- account name with active link;
- opportunity name with active link;
- amount of Opportunity in user currency;
- days in this stage;
- assigned user name;

You could filter SalesPipe by:
- One or few assigned users
- Account name
- One or few sales stages


Simple Drag and Drop functionality makes SalesPipe user's life easier. By drag and drop it is possible to:
- move from one sale stage to another;
- move opportunity to win or lost position.


Files could be attached to Opportunities as notes by dragging them on Opportunity card or adding with a "+" button

files drag drop.jpg


Plan and monitor activities related to Opportunity

Experienced sales people know that success accompanies those who make systematic efforts consistently. Planning ant monitoring activities related to Opportunities help you plan your sales efforts conveniently.
- Add to Opportunity a related Call,Task or Meeting in a few clicks directly from SalesPipe;
- Detect Opportunities with not planned or overdue Next Actions;
- Go to any related action
- Close any related action

Create activity

Sales Pipe create activity.jpg

View activities

view activities.jpg

IDENTIFY problematic Opportunities

SalesPipe suggest two ways of identifying problematic opportunities:
- They are staying in current sales stage significantly more days than others;
-The have no Next Action, or Next action is overdue;

Problematic opportunites.jpg

SP activities.jpg

Both criteria could be used separately or in combination. If an opportunity flows from stage to stage and it has no planned activities, that may be fine. But if it stays in a current stage for a long time it must be closed as lost, unless next action is arranged.


** Monitor Sales health by tracking:**
- total amount of open opportunities in each stage;
- total quantity of open opportunities in each stage;

sp_predict and estimate.jpg

To have enough closed deals in the future, you need to have sufficient amount and quantity of open opportunities in the earliest stages now.


Sales amount is every time in front of your eyes:
- showing amount of won opportunities during current month. Amount of lost opportunities is displayed as well;
- You can check these amounts by clicking on them: a detailed report of closed opportunities during current month is then displayed;


Each time when a sales person closes an opportunity the total monthly amount is changed. This empowers them to feel like real players.


Users who needs more advanced Sales Funnels configuration can create custom sales pipes configs. and set up:
- one or few sales pipes with different or overlaying sales stages
- every sales stage limits of days in when staying opportunities is marked red.
- List of lost reasons, that can be chosen when Opportunity is dragged on Lost button.
- Other advanced Sales funnel configuration options: Alow or not jump over stages, allow or not drag opportunities back, show or not closed related calls, meetings, tasks.
- Order criterium of opportunities cells in stage columns, options : Days in stage, Create date, Close date, Amount,Next action.

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