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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

1. Login

Login as an Admin and go to Admin Account -> Developer Tools and Click on Module Loader

Module Loader.png

2. Package Download

Download installation package from and load it via Module Loader load file.png

3. Install

Click Install on the loaded Module.

install 1.png A new window will open, enter your Licence Key, and click Validate.

install 2.png

Click Commit to finish the installation.

instal 3.png

4. Rebuild

Go to your Admin account and click on Repair, then in the newly opened window, select Quick Repair and Rebuild.


Rapair and rebuild.png

5. Repair Roles

Access to the SalesPipe config is denied in some cases unless you repair roles. Repair Roles.png


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  • "Works perfect. Great tool for effective sales process management." - Jozef

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